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Onyx is a well-known gemstone, used throughout background for assorted purposes consisting of artwork and also jewelry making, especially throughout the victorian Era. In the past, onyx to be an expensive and also highly an important gemstone however today it’s among the much more affordable stones. V its unique, attractive color and also sleek look, onyx is a an excellent addition to any jewelry or gemstone collection.

If you’re considering to buy a piece of onyx, take a look at at these 12 commonly asked questions, covering every little thing you must know about it.



What is onyx?

Onyx is a gemstone that’s developed from class of chalcedony, a silicate mineral made of calcite. It’s comparable to agate, the only difference in between the two being the agate contains curved bands when onyx has actually parallel layers. In ancient times, onyx has actually been supplied in jewelry as well as in gem therapy and also was additionally considered to it is in a safety stone.


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Onyx is a historically far-reaching stone which has been used since the ancient times for jewelry and hardstone carvings. The old Egyptians offered it to make ceramic items if the Austrians offered it to create pin dishes and also trays. Today, the mysterious charm of onyx, its affordability and the increasing need of black jewelry has actually made the a highly sought after and popular gemstone in the jewel world.

There room several varieties of onyx, classified follow to your different color bands. These varieties include the following:

Sardonyx – This gemstone has level bands and a brown base with reddish color bands. It’s among the most common and affordable types of onyx.Niccolo Onyx – This type of onyx has an extremely thin upper layer with which the dark color of the black base deserve to be seen. The mostly appears as blue or grey.Cornelian Onyx – Unlike niccolo and sardonyx, cornelian onyx has lighter fancy bands on a red base. The alternating white and also red bands offer the stone a unique and also attractive look.Black Onyx – Some ranges of onyx have actually a single color without any kind of color banding, black color onyx gift the most famed type. Black color onyx is rarely uncovered in nature which is why many of the black onyx found on the sector today is make of grey chalcedony that’s been treated and also turned right into black onyx.

What shade is onyx?


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Although most world think that onyx is always black, its obtainable in a wide variety of colors varying from white to black. Few of the most common colors and shades include green, blue, red, gold, brown or gray. Lighter colored onyx stones room slightly translucent and every shade comes through its own unique variations.

How is onyx formed?

Onyx is an interesting and unique gemstone, rarely developed in cavities in lava. This cavities are filled through gas and when silica gets deposited in them, it creates the distinctive stripes or bands that are frequently present in the stones. The banding occurs in one of two people black and also white or brown and are straight, uneven the bands in quartz (also known as agate). This is why agate is frequently mistaken because that onyx.

Onyx is additionally formed normally in caves as soon as water drips from the end of stalactites and also stalagmites and also evaporates, leaving traces the calcium carbonate and minerals behind.

Are onyx stones treated or enhanced?

Since natural onyx is an extremely rare, the manufacturing of synthetic stones has actually increased significantly over the years, which is why the now available to everyone. Most artificial onyx stones are created from level agates or chalcedony using details techniques and also treatments to do them look precisely like genuine onyx.

One certain treatment requires boiling or soaking chalcedony in a sugary solution. The stone, i beg your pardon is porous enough, absorbs the sugars into its peak layers and is then treated through hydrochloric or sulfuric acid. This process converts these absorbed sugars right into carbon or charcoal (known as carbonizing), giving the rock the wanted color.

These dyeing techniques in addition to many others space still offered today and are responsible because that the creation of most of the black onyx top top the market today. Part stones are heated and treated v nitric mountain to remove any kind of undesirable color or to lighten your existing colors considerably.

How need to I take care of mine onyx gemstone?

Onyx is a fairly hard rock with a ranking of 7 on the Mohs scale, i beg your pardon is equal to the hardness that quartz. Back the composition of this gemstone is tough, its vulnerable to damage and a difficult blow or bump deserve to crack or chip the stone. This way that you’ll need to take special care of her onyx piece, keeping it away from other gemstones that space harder due to the fact that they can scratch and also damage it.

Store your onyx piece safely in a jewelry box or sheathe in a noodle cloth. It’s likewise important to keep it away from harsh chemicals, perfumes and also cosmetics due to the fact that these can damage it, do it shed its brilliance and giving it a dull look. Take the stone off before you go swimming due to the fact that onyx absorbs water and the chlorine in the water can damages it.

Where can you find onyx?

Onyx is discovered in several components of the world including Argentina, Australia, Canada, Brazil, China, German, India, the UK and many that the U.S. States. Natural, black onyx , i beg your pardon is the most renowned type, an extremely rarely occurs in nature and most the the solid black color stones uncovered on the market today space actually agate that’s been artificially colored.

What walk onyx symbolize?

In old Persia and India, onyx was related to as a protective stone, that maintained its wearer from evil. That beautiful design and also the contrast between its black and white class were likewise symbolic that the love shared in between two people. Some thought that this unique rock was likewise a protector of close, harmonious relationships and also it has been thought about so ever since.

Black onyx, however, has often been associated to poor luck throughout history. In Arabia, it was called ‘el jaza’ an interpretation ‘sadness’. In ancient China, onyx to be mined by slaves and also servants and also people were afraid come touch the gemstone, believing the it would provide them bad dreams, bring about misfortune and cause lock to lose their energy.

Even today, many think that onyx brings negative luck and only those born in the month the December can wear it since it’s the mystical birthstone because that December.

How deserve to you phone call if onyx is real?

When shopping because that onyx gemstones or jewelry, it’s important to keep in mental that many of the black stones marketed as onyx are made that softer material. Therefore, it deserve to be an extremely easy come wind up v a fake one.

The easiest way to determine whether or not the gemstone you buying is a real one is to examine its surface carefully. High top quality onyx stones have actually a contempt transparent look and also a polished, reflective surface. There shouldn’t be any scratches or cracks and the surface should be fully smooth and also clean. Check out it under different varieties of irradiate since negative light have the right to make it daunting to see any type of scratches or imperfections in the stone.

Does onyx have actually healing powers?

Onyx is a popular stone used because that gemstone therapy and also is believed to have several healing properties. Black color onyx is said to promote steadfastness, stamina and also vigor and treats blood, bone marrow and also bone disorders. Few of the most typical healing nature of onyx include: enhancing your focus, encouraging clear thinking and also sensibility, boosting protection, shielding friend from angry and an adverse energies. Onyx is additionally believed to relieve (or even cure) troubles in the teeth and also feet.

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