Venezuela, a country located in southern America which north border is the Caribbean Sea, south is Brazil, west is Colombia and also east is Guyana. From the beginning of the 1900’s, many civilization migrated come Venezuela from various other countries because of the war and people were searching for a brand-new home come live.

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That huge migration during years resulted in a mix of different cultures and also races; you can discover the blondest and also the darker skin there. That mix that cultures likewise resulted in the production of plenty of expressions that just a Venezuelan can understand.

So here are 14 expression you require to recognize if you desire to know a Venezuelan.

A couple of of them, you’ll hear in the Gritty Spanish audio stories.

1. Birra: “Beerra”.

Literal translation.

This means “beer” i m sorry is effectively said “cerveza” in Spanish. The word was created by hear the travelers indigenous English speaker nations say “beer” to surname the “cerveza”. If a venezuelan desires a beer climate he can say “quiero una cerveza” or “quiero una birra”. Yet this is a colloquial method to speak it; the right means is “cerveza” prefer in most of spain countries.

2. Jeva: “Heva”.

Literal translation.

Means “Girl”, “Woman” or “Girlfriend”. May be supplied to describe any kind of woman or a woman you room dating.


“That girl over there”“Esa jeva de allá”

“She is my girlfriend”“Ella es mi jeva”

The usage of jeva is considered colloquial.


11. Musiú

No literal translation.

It’s just how they call to the strangers from Europe and comes from the French word, “Monsieur” which method “Sir”.

12. Muérgano.

No literal translation.

Comes native the 19th century when Morgan, the English pirate, and his partner the “Morangers” invaded Maracaibo, a city in Venezuela, and also committed crimes all over they went. The word “Moranger” was later venezuelanized as “Muérgano” and is offered to define persons who act through evilness and bad intentions.

13. Guachiman

No literal meaning translation.

This is the Venezuelan version for the word, “Watchman”. “Vigilante” is the appropriate word for watchman.

14. Echar un polvo.

Literal translation:“To throw a powder”

Today it’s offered to describe a quick sexual encounter. The phrase comes from the 19th century when the gentlemen offered to leaving the society reunions for a while come inhale “rapé” (a tobacco powder) due to the fact that it was taken into consideration a negative behavior to perform it inpublic.

When back, they supplied to apologize saying they to be “echando un polvo”- “throwing a powder”. Later on the expression came to be an excuse because that those guys who wanted to have a an enig sexual encounter through a lady and also didn’t desire to it seems ~ suspicious.

So, this 14 expressions might help you understand better the means Venezuelans speak but there is still a lot more to know.

Many of the native they usage come from different languages; English, Italian, French, German, Africa and also some others room just designed by them and became component of lock culture. If a Venezuelan speak to you “pajuo” there’s no means you recognize what that method using a dictionary, just a true Venezuelan wouldknow.

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