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Just tried to acquire my 97 3.4L smogged....California style....(honey we"re moving to Texas!...but that"s one more story)The guy had to clear a inspect engine light that come on 2 days ago. Figured I"d "kill two birds through one stone".He sets increase the an equipment and says"your computer needs come reset"me--"I assumed you simply did that?"you have to drive your car continuously until the computer clears"me--"How plenty of miles""I don"t know"me--"HUH?" So i drove for seventy mile on a little day trip with the family.....still no "ready".Somebody you re welcome tell me I"m no a very large tool and just dropped for an not really funny helpful joke.RT

What to be the code? sometimes it takes as lot as a few hundred miles...depending ~ above the code.
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Yikes!! A couple of hundred!?!? The smog station man says it demands to be "continuous".....I take it that together all in one shutting the engine that till one of two people the check engine irradiate comes earlier on, or it lastly resets. Is this the case??? Please, Bam....tell me miscellaneous goodRT
I completely forgot to find out what the password was just an alleged to it is in a rapid smog to gain this thing registered. The threw out the word catalytic converter. I"m hoping just a article O2 sensor.
You deserve to clear all codes by disconnecting the battery because that 15 min or so, but then it may take several little trips for the ECM to "relearn" the vehicle and also regain optimal operation (providing any kind of existing problems have been fixed).

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Ok, fourdw1. You"re making me feeling better. I believed I was going to have to drive to las vegas for a minute there simply to smog mine T.....wait a minute....that doesn"t sound so bad after all! Haha. Many thanks for the response.RT
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84 4Runner rockcrawler - ARBed 5.29"s, 36" TSLs, double t-cases w/4.7 crawler gear, Chevys, 30 spline Marlins83 p/u trail rig - Buick 231 V6, Weiand intake, Holley 4 bbl, TH-350 auto w/700R4 low gearset, double tanks ...89 4Runner - stock
Bam or fourwd exactly me if i am wrong however I think you have the right to just pull the EFI fuse for 15 min. The EFI fuse is in the fuse box in the engine only on the chauffeurs side. This method you don"t lose every one of your preset radio stations.
1998 T-100 SR5 2WD autoRoadmaster energetic suspension, AC mod, aero cap, reduced aero package, 67% grill block, aero single wheel trailer
ECU goes to default mode on resetThen it operation rich and forwards the timing to ~7-10 degrees.In the factory company manual castle talk about one pilgrimage or two trip resets.Near as I deserve to tell the longest reset is 2 trips reset favor for the coolant temperature (i.e. Must get up come then operation a while in ~ temperature).In addition after this because you probably have actually an old sluggish catalytic converter it will be saturated from running well-off (ECU IN DEFAULT MODE) so thats whereby some folks talk about the 200 mile thingy. Ns think despite it would certainly be safe through a good half one hour the freeway driving after ~ you complete your two trip reset.Most folks are not conscious of this and after making a repair run off to the smog test only station then gain an automatically failure together ECU has actually not been reset or the catalytic converter is placing out to lot HC and they then operation off an buy a brand-new catalytic converter.The 2 hundred mile thingy is the way safe default answer, but even then you much better be certain to carry out at the very least two pilgrimage reset (drive till its hot, rotate off and also let that cool, then drive it it spins its hot again).