Halloween this year worried me in one way: i was going together my D&D character, a tiefling (human with component demon ancestry), and I had actually no idea exactly how to do her characteristics pointy teeth and ugly tusks ~ above the cheap. A friend, T., said she’d had luck making vampire teeth out that Sculpey III – simply moulding the to her tooth, baking it, and also then slide it on therefore it remained all by itself. Needless to say, ns was thrilled. I offered it a go, and also here’s the result:

 I would certainly have desired the ‘translucent’, however they to be out, so ns bought pearl, i m sorry was type of sparkly. The shade of white mattered much less than I thought – however that’s probably because I charred it. One tiny pack will be enough for an army of teeth.

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2. Do ’em. kind the Sculpey III into the form you want (ie…a point), then push it over the tooth you desire to cover. You desire to gain clay on both political parties of her actual tooth so it can obtain a great grip. On slide it off when you have the tooth imprint, and also gently plop it on tinfoil for baking.

3. Roasted ’em.  ns think Sculpey III is claimed to be small in the range (no microwaves, folks) in ~ 375 levels for a particular amount the time every 1/8 in., but I’m not so good at adhering to directions. What i learned was: bake them for as tiny time as possible. Inspect on castle after a couple of minutes. If girlfriend let lock cool off and also find they don’t harden, well, stick ’em ago in. Mine burned an extremely quickly, leaving me with unsavory blackened fangs. Sculpey III is ideal baked on a tray made of tinfoil. Let them cool completely before trying them the end to watch if they fit.

4. Wash mouth and Repeat.  It take it me a number of tries to obtain each tooth right. Out of my first batch, only one slide onto my tooth to my liking. Others had actually moved prior to or during and also didn’t fit, or damaged when i tried them out.

What I uncovered myself doing was sliding ~ above the fang that I liked from the very first batch, and then making number of versions of the fang next to it. You need to wear the one that currently works, to make sure they’ll butt up versus each other simply right and also fit together. For this reason I’d wear mine left fang, and also mould 4 various right fangs, bake them, let them cool, and usually among those 4 would occupational perfectly.

I made 4 fangs for my top teeth, and two short tusks for my bottom teeth. I’d burned most of lock so badly that none matched the look i was walk for, so ns painted the former of them with acrylic paint and glazed them. I can’t introduce this together you yes, really shouldn’t placed acrylic repaint in her mouth…although, you should’t put Sculpey III in your mouth either. If anyone has a mouth-approved equipment for painting burned fangs, let me know. Whatever you do, *never* use oil paints in instances like this.

 5. Rod ’em.  some fangs hosted onto my this pretty well on their own, yet others would slip off the moment I took relocated my mouth.

I stand in the pharmacy heat at Walgreens, and also brashly request the lady at the home window to recommend a strong denture glue. There is no batting an eye, she stated Poligrip to be the most popular. I’d tried Fixodent once, and also found the mealy – to add it had failed to hold on mine plastic vampire fangs. Whether it was tool or brand at work, the Poligrip worked excellently. Simply squirt a little bit into the part of the fang the touches her tooth, rod the fang on, and also hold because that a few seconds. I’d carry the tube v you in situation you must reapply – or lend her fanged girlfriend some.


Removing the fangs is easy, simply wiggle lock a touch and also pull lock off, completely painless. The denture glue, it transforms out, is much more of a suggestive paste than something that develops a bond. If i hadn’t to be so lazy I can have easily taken the end the fangs, rinsed the globs that denture glue out of mine mouth, consumed tasty party treats, re-rinsed, and stuck them back in with one more glob o’ glue.

Upsides come this method:– It to be cheap! I’ve passed over expensive fangs time and time again – and also finally I’ve discovered a method that fits my pocket together with my teeth. One tiny pack the Sculpey III will certainly last me for countless experimental teeth to come.– I had the ability to make unique quick bottom-tooth tusks for my character.

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Downsides come this method:– You’re putting Sculpey III in her mouth. It’s not edible, folks, don’t sue me.– It have the right to be difficult to make fangs with a specific shape unless you’re good at shaping clay, and also it can be tough to acquire the coloration girlfriend want. I simply wanted clunky monster fangs so i was perfect happy. If you desire the watch of expert fangs, there’s no dead in to buy them.


A side note on do the horns: ns couldn’t find ultralight sculpey to make the horns out of so i bought the silly-named “Pluffy” instead. It functioned great, as did the cheap paint-on glaze i finished it with.