I just acquired Doodle God the various other day. Playing through, I\"m stuck at 94 elements. Obviously, after lot head scratching I had actually to number out which elements I\"m lacking - otherwise ns wouldn\"t recognize what I\"m missing at this point.

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My problem:


Mixing two elements (Fire + Water) is an alleged to net the Alcohol aspect group. On my PS4, that won\"t permit mixture. I likewise can\"t also mix (Human + human being = Sex).


Does anybody understand what is bring about this?


I have the parental controls to enable all gamings (and I might play Gal*Gun prior to so ns don\"t watch why Alcohol would certainly be such an issue).


Is over there a hidden setting I\"m missing?

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Posted September 19, 2016


Posted September 19, 2016




Thanks because that that!


I was making use of this guide:


Doodle God Answers


I\"m pretty sure it\"s because that the Android version

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Posted June 24, 2018


Posted June 24, 2018

Thos two combinations room not in this version.

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Doodle God Can't do Alcohol - PS4

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