As mentioned above, steps to get spray paint off glasses depend on whether the paint is wet or dry on the surface. Also, these tips will work with both glass and plastic lenses. So, quickly identify the paint’s current status and act accordingly.

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Step 1: If the paint is still wet

If you have caught the paint before it has dried, you can remove it more easily. Act fast according to the following steps:

In a dish or large bowl, mix a small amount of dish detergent in warm water. This solution will act as a paint thinner and help dissolve it. Immerse the glasses entirely in the mixture. Wait for about 15 minutes. Rinse and gently rub your fingertips against the lenses several times under warm water to remove all the paint from your eyeglasses. Before you rub the lenses, make sure your hands are clean. Then, dry the glasses with a microfiber cloth. For tiny details on the frames, use Q-tips to get to them because moisture can cause oxidation on metal parts of your glasses. If necessary, repeat the steps. Sometimes the paint sticks too hard to the surface and might need to be rewashed a few times. As long as the paint is still wet when you catch it, repeating the above steps will do the trick.

Step 2: If the paint has dried

Don’t try to scrape the dried paint off with your fingernails or plastic cards. No worries, even when dried, removing paint from your glasses is not that difficult. The methods might be different, but they are still easy to follow:

Pour the glass cleaner with ammonia you’ve prepared into a container. Immerse the eyeglasses entirely in the liquid, especially the part that has paint on it. Wait for about 15 minutes. However, old paint tends to cling more tightly to a surface. If the spray paint doesn’t soften after 15 minutes, feel free to wait a bit longer. Now, you can peel off the paint easily. Gently remove the spray painting layer using a plastic card or Q-tip. Cautiously rub your fingertips against the eyeglasses with water. Rub multiple times to get rid of all the paint but be careful not to scratch the lenses. Then, rinse them very thoroughly. Lastly, wipe until they are dry using cotton balls or a microfiber cloth. Once again, don’t forget to use Q-tips to clean the tiny details to get rid of any moisture left. If necessary, repeat the steps. Some types of paint might take several rinses to rinse off the eyeglasses entirely. Take your time because eventually, all of the paint will come off.

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No matter how careful you are, you might get paint on your eyeglasses’ lenses while spray painting; that’s fine because we can easily remove the paint in a few easy steps. However, try to prevent it from happening again. Next time you are working with spray paint, wear protection eyeglasses over your prescription ones. In the end, protecting our eyes is most important.

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