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This is a overview on how to earn every stamps because that the video game within society Penguin Rewritten called Cart Surfer. This is situated within the Mine and also is available by walking approximately the minecart ~ above the next of the Mine and also clicking play.

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In total there space 16 stamps which can be derived in cart Surfer. There is 1 Easy stamp, 6 Medium stamps, 6 Hard stamps, 2 Extreme stamps and also 1 Insanity stamp to be obtained.

Great Balance: recuperate from a wobbleCart Pro: earn 150 coins in classic ModeMine Marvel: execute 10 tip in the cartMine Mission: execute 10 tricks out of the cartTrick Master: do 14 various tricksPuffle Power: recuperate from a wobble through a PuffleSurfing Pro: knife 5,000 points in hardcore modeCart Expert: Earn 250 coins in standard modeMine Grind: Grind about 8 cornersSurf’s Up: Surf approximately 8 cornersFlip Mania: flip 10 times in a row without crashingUltimate Duo: do 20 flips v your PuffleMinecart Master: Earn 10,000 point out in Hardcore ModeCart Master: Earn 350 coins in standard ModeHardcore Hero: Earn 15,000 clues in Hardcore ModeUnbeatable: Earn 25,000 points in Hardcore Mode

This is what her stampbook have to look like prior to we begin:


In general, this stamps have quite right forward explanation on what is essential to achieve them. However, i will provide a little of accuse on exactly how to obtain them.

This table shows just how to execute all the tricks within the game:

Surf Jump↑ space20
Turn← or →10
Surf Turn↑ → or ←**
Cart Grind↓ → or ↓ ←**
Spinspace → or ← space80
Leapspace ↑50
Cart Slamspace ↓30
Flip↓ space100
Handstand↑ ↑80
Run top top Tracks↓ ↓80

* – Doesn’t count as a trick (gives no points).

** – based upon how lot time you spend doing the trick.

Great Balance and Puffle Power

For the Great Balance stamp, relocate right until your penguin starts law a wobbling animation.

For the Puffle Power stamp, execute the exact same thing yet with a black puffle.

Cart Pro / Cart Expert / Cart Master

In cart Surfer, you acquire 1 coin every 10 points.

In stimulate to get the 3 stamps you need to obtain 1500 points for the an initial one, 2500 for the 2nd one and 3500 because that the 3rd one.

I imply to upper and lower reversal ( down + spacebar) then carry out Jump + spin (spacebar + left/right). Grind top top the turns (down + left/ right). This should gain you Cart Pro. If you desire Cart Expert and Cart Master, repeat the above steps in her run.

Mine Marvel

To obtain Mine Marvel, you need to do flips one after the other (up + up)

Mine Mission

To obtain Mine Mission, you must do handstands one ~ the other (down + down)

Trick Master

To get Trick Master, you must perform 14 stunts which include:

Surf: push up arrow

Jump: push the spacebar

Ollie Surf Jump: push up and then the spacebar

Slam dare Jump: push the spacebar and down

Wheelie: press down

Grind: press down and left or right

Backwards Flip: press down and also spacebar

Handstand: push up twice

Slide: press up and left or right

Running ~ above the Rail: push down twice

Lean: push left or right

Spin in the Air: push the spacebar and left or right

Fly and Flap: press the spacebar and also up

Surf Lean: press down and left or right

Surfing Pro

To get this rubber stamp I indicate doing I indicate to upper and lower reversal ( down + spacebar) then carry out Jump + turn (spacebar + left/right). Grind top top the transforms ( under + left/ right). Do this until you acquire it.

Mine Grind

Simply grind ~ above every rotate (due to the fact that there room eight) by holding the down arrow then using the left or right arrowhead at the same time, depending on the direction of the turn.

Surf’s Up

You must click on the up arrow to gain your penguin to stand on the cart edges, then usage the arrowhead keys to lean ideal or left, together you did because that the “Mine Grind” stamp.

Flip Mania

This is a very hard stamp to get, you need to flip 20 times without crashing under any type of circumstances. Flip by clicking the down arrow and also clicking spacebar.

Note: If girlfriend grind approximately corners and get 20 flips, that won’t count as grinding is thought about an action. Make certain you do NORMAL turns roughly the corners.

Ultimate Duo

This stamp demands the black puffle again; you need to perform 20 flips through your puffle. This is basic if you do 10 the end of cart tricks and also 10 in-cart tricks.

Minecart Master / Hardcore Hero / Unbeatable

These stamps are incredibly hard to get but to gain them you must cautiously perform this combo:

Flip (down + spacebar) then do Jump + turn (spacebar + left/right). Grind top top the turns ( under + left/ right). Do this till you get it.

Note: The most vital thing for these stamps is patience. Carry out not try to squeeze too plenty of actions in one directly as it might be your downfall. For example, flipping too plenty of times and then no having enough time to turn and crashing.

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After completing all 16 stamps, her stampbook must look prefer this:


You should likewise get a 2x Coin Bonus every time girlfriend play.

This is a screenshot after I got the Hardcore stamps:

Congratulations! You have actually officially completed all the stamps relating to dare Surfer!


Wolves, Head General

Mario Kart Pro, Not also Shabby At dare Surfer


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