Here’re the Warface controls and settings adjustments that you need to know to play the first-person shooter on the Nintendo Switch.

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To remap the Warface controls, you need to do the following:

Open the menu (+);Select ‘Options;’Switch tab to ‘Button Layout;’Change the ‘Button Layout’ option to ‘Customised;’Select (A) the Warface control that you want to change;On the pop-up screen, either press the existing button to exit or a new button to remap Warface controls.

How to turn off Warface motion controls on Switch

To turn off the motion controls for Warface on the Nintendo Switch, you need to:

Press + to open the menu;Select ‘Options;’On the ‘Controls,’ ‘Basic Controls’ tab, untick the ‘Use Gyroscope’ box.

How to play with friends on Warface

To add friends, known as Contacts, on Warface, you need to:

Find their name on the ‘My Clan’ page or the lobby screen of a game;Click on the name and then select ‘Show Profile;’On the pop-up page, select ‘Send Friend Request;’If they accept your friend request, the player will be added to your Contacts list.

Your Contacts list is comprised of your Nintendo profile’s friends list. To invite friends to a game, you need to:

Start a game by pressing ‘Play’ from the menu;Navigate to the ‘Contact List’ in the bottom right of the first ‘Play’ screen;Select (press A) on the friend that you’d like to invite;Click on ‘Invite to Game’ to offer them a place in your next Warface game.

Now you know the Warface controls for the Nintendo Switch, as well as how to remap the controls to suit your style of play.

Warface FAQ

Here are some quick answers to some of the more common questions about the Warface gameplay.

How do you sprint in Warface on the Switch?

For most Warface controls set-ups, you’ll need to press L3 to sprint. If this doesn’t make you sprint, you’ll have a different controls set-up selected.

How do you use voice chat in Warface on the Switch?

While in handheld mode, you can find the voice chat controls in the Settings.

Press + to open the Settings menuUse R to switch tabs to the ‘Social’ menuClick the tick box to ‘Enable’ under the VOIP headingConnect your headset to the Switch via the 3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the consolePress the ‘Test’ button to test that your voice chat is operational

How do you crawl in Warface on the Switch?

Using the Default Warface controls, you need to hold the A button to go prone, and then use the left analogue to crawl along the floor.

How do you slide in Warface on the Switch?

To slide in Warface, you’ll need to sprint and then press the crouch button. With the Default Warface controls, you need to sprint with L3 and then press A mid-sprint to slide.

How do you add weapon attachments in Warface on the Switch?

While in a game, you can add several of your earned or unlocked attachments to your weapon by pressing Left on the d-pad. You’ll then see several slots pointing to the areas of your weapon that can take attachments. Move the cursor with the left analogue and select (press A) on any area that you want to augment with an attachment.

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How do you play Warface split-screen on the Switch?

At the time of writing, the Nintendo Switch version of Warface doesn’t have a split-screen or couch co-op gameplay option.