Welcome to the 100 Acre Wood¶

This civilization is very first accessible after you give Merlin the Old book from Cid. Head come the Magician’s Study and also read the book to it is in taken right into it!

The 100 Acre timber is various from other human beings in that it is unlocked in step throughout the game by collecting the take it Pages that were scattered across the universe. As you discover the torn Pages you deserve to return come the 100 Acre lumber to uncover a new area is accessible with brand-new characters. You can discover the take it Pages at the following locations:

Traverse town - Reward because that finding 51 Dalmatians

Agrabah - uncovered in a chest in the Dark Chamber

Monstro - discovered in a chest in room 6

Atlantica - on a shelf in Ariel’s Grotto

Halloween city - on the bookshelf in the Lab

Saying Goodbye come Pooh¶

Head to the Wood: meadow to find Winnie the Pooh thinking on a log. After talking to Pooh, examine inside the log for a Chest v a Mythril Shard inside. Leave and head toward Pooh’s House. Head around earlier and hit the chimney then enter the house. Choose up the Mega-Ether you knocked down then inspect the cabinet because that an Elixir .

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Leave the house and get one explanation native Owl around this world. You deserve to return as soon as you have an ext pages as new areas will certainly open once you do.


Pooh will certainly fly up and get love husband from the tree. This reasons bees to shot and strike him. The nature the this video game is to no move about a entirety lot. Continue to be on an also level v Pooh and also when bees come near simply lock on and swing the Keyblade once. Sora will automatically jump and land earlier on the branch if friend don’t move. That shouldn’t bee too tough to achieve a score greater than 100 in this game.

After perfect the mini-game, regardless of her score, you obtain the Naturespark which girlfriend can provide to the Fairy Godmother.


Rabbits House¶

With another Torn web page in hand, walk to Rabbit’s house in the 100 Acre Wood. Inspect the former door and also mailbox for a few notes indigenous Rabbit, climate head around earlier to uncover Pooh and also Piglet. Enter the house and check the roots in the ceiling to discover a pot of honey. Head every the way out of the area now, only to be quit by Piglet. It appears Pooh has gotten himself stuck. Talk to that from outside and Tigger will come in. Time for another mini-game.

This video game isn’t all the difficult. Simply stand ~ above a carrot to have the rush command come to be available. Once Tigger leaps into the air usage it and you’ll land underneath him, staying clear of a carrot from gift smashed. Simply re-adjust ~ above the carrot girlfriend guarded for the sirloin command to re-appear and continue this pattern because that a minute.

Head back inside and Pooh will gain unstuck. The Torn web page turns right into a Mythril Shard because that your difficult work.


Poohs Swing¶

When friend collect another torn page an additional area opens in the 100 Acre Wood. Run in the water and also grab Eeyore then target Pooh and walk him increase the hill. When you reach the waver the Mini-game starts.

Press R1 as soon as Owl opens up his wing to push Pooh in ~ the perfect time. This will get the best distance and Pooh will certainly fly pretty far. The finest timing is right as soon as Owl is beginning to close his wings. It shouldn’t it is in too tough to break 40m in this challenge.

For your efforts you’ll find out the Stopra spell.


Tiggers large Pot¶

With yet another Torn page you can get in the clearing to the best of Pooh’s House. Talk to Tigger and also agree come bounce with him. Jump across the stumps and talk to Tigger again. Again, jump across the stumps in the order that Tigger and Roo do. Because that the last one run on the seesaw climate drop down and jump across the stumps to Tigger. It’s less complicated if girlfriend just fall from the tree ~ lining yourself up.

Talk to Tigger again and then Roo. The trick here is to knock the nuts back at the pot but, you score greater if friend hit the nut at the height of it’s trajectory for this reason you’ll want to run up and swing through your longest Keyblade come hit that from together high together possible. Friend can obtain up to 6 points every swing if friend time it right.


There’s a ton of items to acquire in this area. Jump right into the hole whereby the pot to be to find a Chest v an AP Up . Run out and also move close to Pooh come spot a Mythril inside the log, just break it to insurance claim the item.

Talk come Tigger then meet him at the seesaw, asking him to be her partner. Jump approximately the optimal of the tree girlfriend land on and also jump over to a tree with a hole in the (you deserve to land top top the leafy canopy). Jump end to the Chest because that a Mythril Shard then earlier over to walk in the hole and knock loosened a Shield2-G . Currently head back and use Roo to reach a new area.

Grab the Rare Nut then jump off and also land underneath whereby you simply were to find a& Chest . This is best accomplished by jumping off and also swinging her Keyblade to acquire in. Insurance claim the Dark Matter and also head come Owl.

Owl will certainly take the rare Nut and also give a Power Up . Use Roo again to insurance claim the 2nd Rare Nut indigenous the same spot, it’s exchanged because that a Defense Up . From below run past Tigger and Roo to a tiny stump. Step on it and turn about to an alert a geyser granting access to another Rare Nut . Exchange this because that a Mythril Shard ;then use Tigger again. From here jump to the other tree and also look down to the next Rare Nut . Trade this one because that an AP Up then action on the stump near Piglet and climb approximately the hill.

Jump from here to the timber then revolve around and jump atop the canopy to case the critical Rare Nut which transforms in for an Orichalcum . Once you leave you’ll obtain a Mythril for clearing this area.

Poohs Muddy Path¶

You just need to find all of Pooh’s friends. Target Pooh and also walk around the shrub until you deserve to examine the pipeline to reveal Eeyore. Currently head ago the other method and find Roo atop a root. Talk to that then use the fine to woosh as much as the ledge and talk come Tigger.

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Now command Pooh over to the blue flowers and he’ll come up to where Tigger was. Shoot the beehive with a Fira spell and it clogs the hole for Pooh. Target him and walk throughout the log bridge. Command him come another set of blue flowers to reach Piglet within the tree. Currently talk come Owl and also drop down. Speak to Piglet climate Rabbit and also you’ll clean the event. The Torn web page turns right into an EXP Ring . If you go back to Pooh’s House and also light the hardwood pile on fire you’ll obtain a Mythril .