Gabriel Iglesias is widely well-known as ‘Fluffy’ is a comedian and an actor.He is well-known for his acclaimed comedy movies and shows, and also stand-ups.Let’s get to know about Gabriel below, including his family, girlfriend, children, and more.

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Gabriel Iglesias quick Facts

Birthday: July 15, 1976Birthplace: san Diego, California, USAAge: 45 years OldZodiac: LeoHeight: 5 and also 8 inchesParents: Jesus Iglesias and Esther MendezSiblings: 5Relationship Status: SinglePartner: Claudia Valdez (Former)Children: Frankie (Son)

Gabriel’s Son

Gabriel Iglesias v his son Frankie. (Celebbatter)Gabriel and also Claudia do not have children of their own.However, Claudia has a organic son, Frankie, native her past relationship.Frankie, aged 23, to be born ~ above December 8, 1997.Although no a organic dad come Frankie, Gabriel embraced him and has take away his responsibility.Besides, he additionally expressed his unwillingness to have any type of kids later to specifically focus top top Frankie.Suggested Read: Manon Mathews <2021 Update> Age, Husband, Divorce, network Worth

Gabriel Iglesias mam & Married Life

No, Gabriel has actually not to be married come anyone.Many speculate that he’s married, referring to his relationship with Claudia Valdez.Although the longtime pair was together for an ext than a decade, Iglesias and also Valdez never married.On the contrary, Iglesias and also Valdez finished their relationship in 2020. An ext about it later on. Let’s acquire to know much more about your relationship and more.Suggested Read: Dude Perfect Coby cotton <2021 Update> Age, Wife, Kids, network Worth

Gabriel and also Claudia Valdez Relationship

Gabriel Iglesias v ex-girlfriend Claudia Valdez. ( pair met during the Laugh Factory’s ‘Make A Wish’ routine in 2008.Both i found it the attraction between one another, providing a begin to a romantic journey ahead.Eventually, they began meeting for dates and also officially began their relationship.As their connection became more and much more serious, Gabriel and also Claudia relocated in and also began living together.For a long time, the pair lived with each other in Whittier Community, California.However, their partnership took a downhill turn when Gabriel began having trouble v alcoholism and also depression.Thereafter, the pair decided to separate in 2020, ending their 12 year relationship.Suggested Read: Aaron Marino (Alpha M) Age, Wife, Kids, Height, network Worth

Drinking Problem, Depression

After working for two decades without acquisition a job off, Iglesias might feel himself losing his creativity and also increasing stressing more than ever.Due to the consistent pressure, he had acquired into a habit of frequent drinking to assist him fall asleep.This habit led to negative decision-making and degrading self-ability, influence both his an individual life and career.According come Fluffy, his team had actually to wake him up v the continuous fear that something poor happening to him.During a show in 2017, he came to a harsh realization about how his problems have to be affecting his child and girlfriend, which choked him up on stage.After that emotion surged, he gained off the stage, and also questioned what he was doing with himself and also his family.Gabriel canceled his whole upcoming tours and also shows and conveyed his apologies to the fans.Thereafter, he had actually a conversation through Frankie and apologized for being unavailable, come which his son replied, “It’s okay,” with a hug.Moving on, he began attending therapies because that drinking issues and also depression.The an international comedian likewise attended 12 step meetings however later left because of lack the privacy.He revealed that he’s to be sober due to the fact that November 21, 2016.Suggested Read: Gamer Moo Snuckel real Face, Age, Girlfriend, net Worth

After Gabriel and Claudia’s break Up

As that now, Gabriel is not well-known to be associated with everyone else.Likewise, over there is no news concerning Claudia’s current affairs.As both the them like to maintain their privacy, Gabriel and Claudia carry out not reveal much to the public.However, the former pair reportedly maintains a great relationship also after separation.Suggested Read: YouTuber Kwebbelkop Has brand-new Girlfriend? Age, network Worth

Gabriel Iglesias Age, Background

Gabriel to be born top top July 15, 1976, in mountain Diego, California.As of 2021, Iglesias is 45 years old, and his zodiac authorize is Leo.He to be born come his father, Jesus Iglesias, mother, Esther Mendez, and also five siblings concerning his family.His mother, Esther, elevated him and his siblings as a single mother.During his early on childhood, the family moved from locations to places like Riversdale, Santa Ana, Baldwin Park, and Campton before permanently stable in lengthy Beach.For the most part, Gabriel’s childhood has an excellent memories. However, even farming up, Gabriel always wanted to carry out something huge by himself.Suggested Read: Hannah Meloche Earning & life The Perfect Life


Before fame, Gabriel worked at a cell phone company.He decided to select comedy together a career in 1997 which brought inconveniences end him.In 2000, that made his debut figure in the 6th season that Nickelodeon lay out Comedy, every That.Since then, that has operated on various movies and also Television series like critical Comic Standing, Gabriel Iglesias Presents stand up Revolution, Scooby-Doo! Ghastly Goals, contemporary Family, Smurfs: The shed Village, Cocoa, and also Ferdinand, to name a few.As that now, Gabriel is working on his upcoming movie, ‘Blazing Samura.’Also, the 45-year-old is the executive, management producer that the series ‘Mr. Iglesias’ since 2019.

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Gabriel Iglesias network Worth

As that 2020, Gabriel was estimated to have built up a network worth of approximately $40 million.Being among the highest-paid comedians worldwide, he lives in the Signal Hill area.According come sources, he lives in a house worth $1.5 million and has a repertoire of miscellaneous automobiles.

Gabriel Iglesias Age