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Planning a party deserve to be a stressful event. The believed of running the end of food can put virtually anyone top top edge. So with graduation time right roughly the corner, i’m sure numerous of you are scratching your head thinking “where carry out I start?” Or possibly it’s a wedding, shower or birthday party, it’s every stressful! it is why I have actually put with each other a straightforward page to aid make certain that you have all the food girlfriend need, tension free, before any kind of of your guests display up!

Here room a few questions you must ask yourself, before we gain started.

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How many people will it is in attending?What will my key dish be?What sides carry out I desire to offer?Do I require a cheese tray?

Ok, for this reason if you believed ahead and had her guests rsvp, this part is really easy! If not, don’t fret, I have actually a plan! If you require to number out exactly how many human being to setup for try this…..

Figure out how many civilization were actually invited. This deserve to be an estimate, yet you require a starting point. If you room estimating, calculation high. Let’s us 100 together an example. ~ above average, 2/3 of invited guests will actually attend, so for our example, we have the right to expect around 66 people. Currently we have a number to plan for.

Now that you have a details number, the funny begins, plan the menu!

We have actually MANY alternatives here, so things can acquire confusing. Yet you just have to decide what will certainly work best for her setting. As far as the key dish is concerned, we have actually shredded meats for sandwiches (chicken, beef, or pork). We have actually cooked rotisserie chickens that can be reduced to order, and picked up hot and ready to serve during our regular service hours. We also have cold chicken salad, ham salad, and also cold cuts that have the right to be bespeak in any type of amount.

For a in-depth list of every the products we offer, girlfriend can inspect out our Party food web page here.

If you choose to go with any of ours shredded meat product, you can get roughly 5-6 sandwiches per pound of product. Girlfriend will have to get sufficient to make 1 ½ sandwiches per human being attending. (Our number was 66 native the example above) for this reason we will need around 100 sandwiches. This works out to be around 18 pounds the product.

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Another alternative is ours rotisserie chickens. They have the right to come in 4 flavors. BBQ, Garlic Basil, Salt Only and also Plain. I would say BBQ is our optimal seller, with the Garlic Basil a near second. You have the right to order through the entirety chicken, yet we can reduced them because that you, any method you prefer. The choices are break-up in half, quartered, 8 computer or 10 pc. The 10 computer is defiantly the many popular since it cut the breast into 4 pieces instead of just two. And also we have the right to keep the chicken warm for you, so once you choose them up they are ready to serve. We can likewise put castle in the cooler, if you desire to must pick them up the work before and also reheat them for the party. With the rotisserie chickens, 10 pc cut, you can setup on roughly two piece per guest. So, going with our example from above, we would require 132 pieces, which would be 14 chickens would certainly be plenty.

We also have cold choices available. These often tend to be well-known for baby and also bridal showers, yet they might be good for any other occasion too! castle are, Chicken salad, Ham Salad, and Cold cuts. For the two salads, you will still get about 5-6 sandwiches per pound. But the cold cuts get a tiny trickier to plan for. If this is an choice you are considering, give us a call. We can decide the right amount for your party!1-800-499-2536

Ok, space you still through me? that was a tiny intense, however it’s all downhill indigenous here, i promise!