The typical 2015 Kisatchie quarters are made of a clad composition that has copper and also nickel. Clad proof quarters and silver proof quarters were likewise produced and they sell for more money. Keep reading to learn more around these coins.

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On the reverse side of the coin the design reflects a wild turvital in flight at Kisatchie National Forest. Also pictured are blue grass and also long leaf pine trees.

Kisatchie National Forest is situated in Louisiana. This woodland provides many different recreational activities and it includes 604,000 acres.

Coin Information

These coins are component of the America the Beautiful quarters regime.

The US minted various series of the Kisatchie quarter. Tright here is the 2015 P quarter, 2015 D quarter, 2015 S quarter, 2015 S proof quarter and also 2015 S silver proof quarter.

Proof coins are essentially coins that have more information. They are minted on special planchets and it takes much longer to produce them. They are specifically produced collectors so you will not find any kind of in your spare adjust.

Note: The mint note have the right to be found on the obverse side of each coin under the "IN GOD WE TRUST" motto.

SeriesLocationQuantity Minted
2015 PPhiladelphia397,200,000
2015 DDenver379,600,000
2015 SSan Francisco1,099,380
2015 S ProofSan Francisco762,407
2015 S Silver ProofSan Francisco490,829


The value will depend on the series and also the coin"s problem. Below we will certainly study the worth for each series.

Clad Quarters

The standard 2015 Kisatchie clad quarters in circulated problem are only worth their challenge value of $0.25. These coins just offer for a premium in the greater condition grades.

Both the 2015 P Kisatchie quarter and also 2015 D Kisatchie quarter are each worth approximately $0.50 in around uncirculated condition. The value is around $0.75 in uncirculated problem via an MS 63 grade. Uncirculated coins through a grade of MS 65 have the right to market for roughly $1.

The 2015 S Kisatchie quarter is worth approximately $2 in MS 63 uncirculated condition. The value is around $8 in MS 65 uncirculated condition.

The 2015 S proof Kisatchie quarter is worth roughly $3 in PR 65 problem.

Silver Proof Quarter

This coin is worth at least its weight in silver. The silver melt worth for this coin is $4.05 as of September 18, 2021. This melt value is calculated from the existing silver spot price of $22.39 per ounce.

The 2015 S silver proof Kisatchie quarter is worth roughly $10 in PR 65 condition.

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Grading System

About uncirculated- Tbelow is a slight trace of wear on the high points of the design. Half of the coin"s mint luster is still intact.

MS 63 alternative uncirculated- In the major focal areas there are some blemishes or contact marks. The coin"s luster might not be as prominent.

MS 65 gem uncirculated- There is strong luster and eye appeal. A few light call marks might be current yet they are bacount noticeable.

PR 65 proof- Tbelow are no flaws to this coin. A few blemishes may be current.

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The Red Book

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