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Larry Campbell is an electrical contractor through 36 year of endure in residential and also light commercial electric wiring.

In her home"s wiring system, the grounding mechanism is a an important safety feature. In the occasion of some type of breakdown in the system, the ground connection system provides a route of the very least resistance the ensures current will circulation safety ago to the earth itself. It thus reduces the chances that a short circuit can reason a fire or life-threatening shock. The final and also most important part of a home"s ground connection system is composed of a steel ground rod driven deep right into the earth, wiring thatconnects thisrod come a service panel or utility meter base grounding lug, and also the connector clamp between the wiring and the rod.

This "earth ground"is a an extremely important component of your electrical system come ensure electric safety. Follow to the National electric Code, or NEC, a ground device should have actually a ground connection resistance the 25 ohms or less. Achieving this might requiremore 보다 one soil rod.

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The ground connection rod that connects the house grounding system into the planet is a lengthy metal rod, commonly copper bonded to steel, galvanized iron, or stainless steel. 

Ground rods come in both 8-foot and 10-foot lengths, v 8-foot being the most usual size used in residential installations. Together a rule, soil rods need to be a minimum of eight feet long and should not be cut down. In an extremely dry ground, which provides much more resistance than moist soil (meaning it does not accept electrical energy as readily), floor rods are periodically stacked and joined v a special clamp so they can extend deeper into the earth.

Another option is to add a 2nd ground rod. This is usually a better option, however the rods need to be at the very least six feet apart, follow to the NEC.

Note: Most local jurisdictions and local power providers require the 2-ground rod technique to happen inspection. Part counties also allow or need a footing or structure ground link for new construction.

Whenever possible, ground rods should enter moist soil roughly your home. Usually, the area close to the foundation has enough moisture because of runoff water native downspouts.

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It is unwise and unsafe to download the shorter, 4-foot ground rods frequently sold for grounding things favor TV antennas and other individual devices. These are not legal for ground connection the home electrical service, and also they can reason your grounding system to fail as soon as it is required most.