TAMPA, Fla. (mslsec.com) – all the smarties on facebook gathered roughly to display us your spooktacular skills and guess how many candy corn are in the jar.

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And simply one of ours fabulous viewers got it right.

Jennifer DeMorrow guessed the exactly amount of424 liquid corn.

You can watch the video above to view the jar together it is gift filled.

Thank you come everyone who played in addition to us! Happy Halloween!MORE HALLOWEEN funny –

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‘We observed the Florida tag’: feather Hill couple spotted Gabby Petito’s valve at grand Teton national Park

by Justin Schecker / Sep 17, 2021

SPRING HILL, Fla. (mslsec.com) - as soon as Shannon Baker learned around the find for Gabby Petito, best away she claims she recognized the 2012 white Ford van North harbor police recovered at the Laundrie family members home.

“I feel so poor for this family,” the spring Hill woman stated in a phone call interview Friday through News Channel 8.


North Port community gathers external Laundrie household home Friday as police officers speak through Brian’s parents

by Niko Clemmons / Sep 17, 2021
NORTH PORT, Fla. (mslsec.com) -- because that the very first time this week, there to be police activity at the Laundrie house Friday evening.

North port police to speak Brian Laundrie"s parents wanted to speak with officers. Police called 8 On her Side the Laundrie family attorney called them come say the Brian"s parents haven"t seen him for days.


Latest CDC study: Both 2-dose COVID vaccines provide more protection than 1-dose J&J shot

by Sam Sachs / Sep 17, 2021
TAMPA, Fla. (mslsec.com) — The latest study on vaccine performance by the U.S. Centers for condition Control and Prevention reflects that the two-dose vaccines indigenous Pfizer and also Moderna provide more protection the the Johnson & Johnson shot, and may last much longer over time.

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Of the two-dose vaccines, the many recent Morbidity and also Mortality Weekly Report, released Sept. 17, found that Moderna"s shot retains a higher efficacy rate over time than the one from Pfizer-BioNTech, though both are more protective 보다 the J&J single-dose vaccine.




Wesley Chapel guy says decorate curbing firm damaged sprinkler system, falls quick of finishing repairs

‘We observed the Florida tag’: spring Hill pair spotted Gabby Petito’s van at cool Teton national Park


‘You never recognize what you’ve obtained in a photo’: Witnesses seek in Gabby Petito disappearance case


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