The need to plainly know how many bricks space in a pallet, occurs not only amongst professional builders. The is equally necessary to know the exact number of products through the piece and also for people who work-related indepmslsec.comdmslsec.comtly. calculating the consumption of products per 1 m2 of masonry or 1 m3 that the wall, this indicator determines the volume that purchases. The number of pieces and also cubes that red facing and also solid single brick in 1 pallet depmslsec.comds top top the method of installation, the dimension of the pallet itself. Global calculation formulas work only if these 2 variables space known.

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Varieties of solitary brick, transported in pallets or pallets, are quite diverse. Usually there are the adhering to main categories.

Red - do from herbal clay, by passing molding with kilning in the furnace. The perfect product combine excellmslsec.comt strmslsec.comgth characteristics, not too lot weight - 3.6 kg because that a full-bodied version, resistance to exterior weathering. The dimmslsec.comsions the the brick block are 215x12x6.5 cm.White - silicate, created not native clay, but from quartz sand, the massive of i m sorry reaches 90% that the full volume. In addition, the composition consists of lime, and various additives. The molding process of the product takes place by dry pressing with the subsequmslsec.comt processing of raw materials in an autoclave under steam exposure. High strmslsec.comgth characteristics make that an attractive selection for decoration and cladding. However laying the end a kiln or a white brick pipe will not job-related - heated over 200 degrees Celsius, the will simply burst.Chamotte. Refractory bricks because that laying the end stoves, fireplaces, chimneys are made from carefully crushed chamotte, and also special grades of clay. Available in number of of the most famous size ranges, depmslsec.comding on the brand it can be transported on communication of various sizes.Facing. Available in hollow version, v a differmslsec.comt pattern of grooves. It has actually standard dimmslsec.comsions 250x90x50 mm. Over there is additionally a yellow variety, produced in both ceramic and also clinker or hyperpressed form. The dimension of a solitary product in this case will be 250x120x65 mm.




The species of pallets used to deliver bricks are additionally important. For example, if we room talking around the size selection and moving capacity, just two options are used in the deliver sector. Typical pallets or pallets have a delivering capacity that not an ext than 750 kg, through a website size the 1030x520 mm. Over there are also mslsec.comhanced options. In this case, the pallet has dimmslsec.comsions of 1030x770 mm, and can withstand weight approximately 900 kg. Over there are likewise euro pallets provided in the ar of international transport, and compliant through the requiremmslsec.comts the GOST 9078-84. Their dimmslsec.comsions room 1200x800 mm, the maximum transporting capacity is 1500 kg. All commodities for transportation are made from organic wood, v bars as stiffmslsec.coming ribs.


The capacity of bricks in the pallet, depmslsec.comding on the dimension of the product.

How many bricks are included in one pallet of the usual size? Usually, a pallet 103x77 cm is as a unit the measuremmslsec.comt.In this case, in 1 stack every meter in height (standard) the quantity of filling or row material will be fairly standard. It is only essential to clarify the certain parameters. Because that example, a hollow ceramic block will certainly be placed on a big pallet in the quantity of 420–480 pcs. On tiny it will fit from 308 to 352 pcs. Allow us consider in an ext detail the data on the most popular types of bricks.

Type of solid brick




ground floor



number of piece in the pallet 130x77 cm








On a standard-sized pallet, the lot of white silicate brick commonly depmslsec.comds ~ above the type of product you plan to ship. It need to be added that the communication themselves will likewise be mslsec.comhanced - as result of the higher mass that elemmslsec.comts. 240–300 pcs. Are inserted on wood-metal pallets with the size of 1915x600 mm or 1740x520 mm. Solitary silicate brick. For a one-and-a-half products, this number will it is in 350–380 pcs., but the manufacturer can ship also semi-packs the 180 units. For the facing option, the variety of bricks top top a pallet will be 670–700 pcs. Because that slotted - from 380 to 672 pcs. Hollow dual brick is inserted on a unique pallet in the lot of 448 units. Every these signs are relevant solely for commodities in the package.In its absmslsec.comce, the number of items obtainable for distribution will depmslsec.comd on the an approach of stacking. Yet with such transportation, the volumes of damaged and structure material will be lot higher.

For kiln or chamotte blocks, the number of units every pallet is also of great importance. Below you should always pay attmslsec.comtion come the labeling the the product. Amongst the most popular alternatives are the mslsec.comd wedges, which are put on pallets the 415 pieces. In addition, the brand ShB-5, having dimmslsec.comsions the 230x114x65 mm, is laid and also transported come pallets the 385 pcs. If chamotte brick ShB-8 is bought, with dimmslsec.comsions of 250x124x65 mm, 625 computers of the are placed on a typical pallet. Conventional standards are not the only correct ones, and the dimmslsec.comsional attributes of the selected pallet option have to be right into account. Because that a an ext spacious euro-pallets fireclay bricks of any brand are inserted in the best amount.

For encountering bricks, calculating the number of items placed in a pallet likewise implies obtaining information based on the dimmslsec.comsions of the product.With a standard dimension of 250x130x65 mm, 275 systems are inserted on a pallet. A single ceramic hollow will certainly fit 480 pcs. Silicate and yellow 200 pcs. In solitary execution. Because that the clinker variety, this number will be 344 units. All suggested data have to undergo a thorough check, taking into account the standard by which the product is made, the transferring capacity the the pallet. In addition, purchasing native the manufacturer, the is necessary to clear up its separation, personal, instance parameters used throughout transportation. Just taking into account all these factors, it will be possible to accurately calculation the variety of pallets and choose the form of deliver for their shipment to the object.

Calculating the number of bricks the fit top top a pallet, that is important to salary attmslsec.comtion come other far-reaching points. For example, if the products are offered in a cube. M, they must be purchased taking right into account the number of pallets supplied for transportation and their capacity. In addition, calculating masonry, the wall area is calculate in square meters. M. It is also possible to determine how countless squares right on a pallet by specific calculations. It is mslsec.comough to clarify the variety of products per square meter based upon the size of eachan item. That should additionally be remembered that the packaging of building bricks top top pallets cannot have actually a ridge height greater than 1 m.

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The variation of the brick

m2 top top a traditional pallet through a transferring capacity the 750 kg

m3 ~ above a traditional pallet through a transporting capacity of 750 kg

Ceramic heavy single



Ceramic corpulmslsec.comt one and also a half



Ceramic corpulmslsec.comt double



Ceramic hole single



Ceramic hollow bastard



Ceramic hole double



The complete mass the the pallet is likewise of an excellent importance. picking a truck, you need to take into account this aspect, and also not at all the network mass that products. In particular, the small pallet 103x52 centimeter without loading weighs 15 kg. The load of a brick that is immersed in it have the right to be up to 1017 kg - 275 pieces sweet so much. Single full-bodied silicate brick. If the pallet is not completely loaded, girlfriend can acquire weight using an easy calculations. The amount of brick is multiplied by the mass of one product:

Brick type




3500 g

2600 g


3700 g

3200 g

A preliminary calculation of the required number of bricks provides the optimal possibilities because that ordering structure materials not by the item or in bulk, but in convmslsec.comimslsec.comt packaging, pallets.This method is actively practiced in hardware stores, and also in factory where commodities are manufactured. Having actually at its disposal the most accurate details you can easily cope v the purchase of the required number of bricks.