Spring is here! Our recent spring bracelet repertoire is draft to aid you begin a refreshing new chapter filled with hope, wisdom, growth and gratitude. It"s time come celebrate yourself, reconnect with what renders you you and revive your distinctive spirit. Indigenous vibrant, colorful styles to meaningful brand-new symbols, here are the 7 must-have patterns to shot this season once it come to building your perfect spring bracelet stack. 

1. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize.

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The key to spring stacking is the there are no borders when it pertains to the countless ways you deserve to accessorize and also layer. This season, create a explain bracelet stack by layering together color, texture and meaning. Our spring jewelry collection makes stacking as easy as 1-2-3. Every ALEX and also ANI fashionista knows that a bracelet stack isn"t finish without a complementing layered necklace look, and also this season we sell a wide selection of necklaces to assist you achieve a completely stylized look. 


2. Wear her Motivation. 

Words are an effective and for this reason is your bracelet stack. Whether you’re spring to inspire yourself, motivate a friend, or show love and appreciation for a relative, usage the affect of meaningful words and symbols to interact a post of positivity, happiness, mindfulness, and also love. This season we present 3 brand-new mantra bracelet (and necklace) designs come our collection. The Dragonfly (wear to accumulate wisdom), the Daisy (wear to accumulate Hope) and the love (wear to accumulate gratitude). The key to building this motivational stack is to choose a mantra bracelet together your base, climate layer in monochromatic accent arm bands that amplify the power of her stack. 


3. Compliment her bracelet stack with nail art. 

Experiment through playful manicures that not only improve your bracelet stack yet inspire self-confidence and also mood. Be motivated by our spring color palette and also symbol designs and also have fun when it comes to your nail art this season. Whether you space feeling a pretty-in-pink look, or a funny daisy-inspired motif, our feather bracelet arsenal is the perfect source for pond inspiration.



Layer on spiritual symbols to help guide friend on your path, keeping you centered and at peace as you embark on your brand-new journey. Produce a bracelet stack that inspires faith and hope and keeps your sacred spirit nearby to her heart. Newly designed symbols in this collection encompass the Prayer Cross, mommy Mary and Jesus, easily accessible in both glowing Silver and also Shiny gold finishes. 

 5. Live the end Loud. Store it Monochromatic.

The best thing about monochromatic bracelet stacking is the no two looks will be the same. Our feather collection consists of a wide selection the beaded accent bracelets in a range of styles, colors and also silhouettes because that you to develop a completely monochromatic look. Did you know that wearing certain colors plays critical role in empowering self-expression? Check the end this guide to learn an ext about what colors to wear to help inspire hopeful vibes. 


6. The bigger the stack the better.

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Our iconic stack IS earlier and we couldn"t be more excited. Our standard Path that Symbols Collection obtained a fresh brand-new redesign. Native the route of Life, Guardian Angel, angry Eye, Yin Yang, Cross, Hamsa and more, our recently redesigned collection comes in both silver and gold finishes v a coherent symbol on prior and an effective mantra top top the back. Whether you choose an over the height wrist of gold or silver, we have all your stacking objectives covered this season. Remain tuned together we launch much more of her favorite signs over the next few months. Time to stack up!

Explore v unexpected color combinations and also texture this season to produce a important individualized bracelet stack. This season, we introduce color to our versatile mesh cuffs which make for the perfect enhancement for some color play within your stack. Experiment through daring shade combinations, add in your favorite expandable wire bracelet symbol and also finish off with some stretch formats to create a interlocutor look that is certain to have your girlfriend swooning over.