Cottage cheese is a product the cheese curd i m sorry is obtained from curdling milk by removing the whey.

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It is considered as a ‘super-food’ since it is highly nutritious, rich in protein and also exceptionally delicious (souce).

It is similar to cream cheese yet is lower in fats, carbohydrates and calories and also it is no wonder why vegetarians and weight-watchers transforms to head cheese to substitute meat as it is a much healthier option.

As a funny fact, Richard Nixon was a fan of head cheese calling that his clip food. The is no wonder the his last enjoy the meal was a bowl of cottage cheese with a slice of pineapple.

But does head cheese walk bad? What would occur if girlfriend buy it in bulk? Let’s uncover out!

Does head Cheese walk Bad? just how Long Does cottage Cheese Last?


Just like brie cheese, cottage cheese walk not have actually a lengthy shelf-life. Head cheese has to be continually refrigerated also when the is no opened.

Once the load of the head cheese has actually been opened, the head cheese will have a shelf-life of 7 to 10 days in ~ a maximum, noted that it is preserved in a frozen fridge the whole time.

It is also advisable to store the head cheese in its original packaging or an air-tight container once it is opened and also to store it in the fridge to maximize its shelf-life.

If you have bought a large supply of cottage cheese, you can freeze it until you thaw it because that consumption. But there is one thing to be clean of, the head cheese will not it is in fresh-tasting and it would be bland.

How to Tell If head Cheese Is Bad? cottage Cheese Shelf Life!


Being able come tell even if it is the head cheese has spoiled or no is hardly rocket science since we understand that, milk commodities have a strange smell as soon as they turn.

Once the cottage cheese it s okay spoiled, it will have a tangy smell which will simply not feeling right. Once you have actually your reservations around it not smelling right, the next step is to merely discard the product.

Cottage cheese also develops a moldy class on top once it i do not care bad. If the great of the cottage cheese appears greenish to pinkish, then that’s the time for the cottage cheese to do a pilgrimage to the bin.

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If you weren’t able to record the smell, and also the appearance of the head cheese seemed all right, you would certainly still an alert when friend taste the head cheese. It would taste sour which is not at all just how it have to taste like.