On average, NFL games take 3 hours and also 12 minute from kickoff till the last whistle is blown. When the NFL is actively looking for ways to shorten games, lock still have a long means to go and are far from conference the viewer’s demands.The longest game ever before recorded was 7 hours and 8 minutes, while the faster game ever before recorded was 2 hours and 29 minutes. The fastest supervisor Bowl ever recorded was 3 hours and 44 minutes.Despite averaging over three hours, the game clock because that the NFL is only 60 minute – 15 minutes every quarter. The beat clock is 40 secs long however can it is in shortened to 25 seconds in specific situations.Halftime is 12 minute long and there’s a two-minute rest after the very first and third quarters. On average, each team receives 12 possessions every game.Most NFL games are play on Sunday, but 1-2 games are often played ~ above Thursday and Monday nights. Together the playoffs near, they’ll play part primetime gamings on Saturday together well. Gamings usually aren’t scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.According come a 2010 calculation by The wall Street Journal, i beg your pardon is quiet applicable today, there are only 11 minute of really playtime in the NFL.This can sound choose a fake statistic, however it provides sense once you consider how often the video game clock is ticking if teams are huddled up, stand around, and also planning their following move.Even more surprising is the mean of 17 minutes spent on video replays, 75 minutes of the town hall players, coaches, and also refs stand around, 20 advertisement breaks, and also 100 advertisements every game. The NFL could cut an hour turn off the total air time by removed advertisements.At the finish of the day, fans only see around four secs of actual action per play.

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How lengthy Are university Football Games?

If you believed NFL gamings lasted a lengthy time, you’ll be surprised to learn that university football gamings last 12 minutes longer. Top top average, a college football game lasts 3 hours and also 24 minute — despite they deserve to last over 5 hours.There room a the majority of reasons why college football gamings last much longer than NFL games, although castle share the very same quarter size (15 minutes), pat clock length (40 seconds), and also total game time (60 minutes).For example, college football attributes marching bands at halftime that run the break as much as 20 minutes — protest to the NFL’s 12-minute break.Most college football games are played on Saturday, however they additionally play transparent the main in particular scenarios. In enhancement to the much longer halftime break, college football is well-known for briefly preventing the clock every time a team gets a an initial down.While coaches deserve to challenge, a bulk of the replays come indigenous the head ref. They can review any type of play they want, which deserve to lead to a much longer game.The final issue with the length of college football games is the overtime period. Unequal the NFL, which supports a tie in specific scenarios, university football is design to eliminate ties and eventually determine a winner. It’s definitely a fun means to finish a game, but it deserve to take forever.Simply put, the overtime period starts v each team obtaining one possession beginning from the the opposite 25-yard line. There’s no video game clock and every overtime duration consists of one possession from each team. If the teams are tied after ~ an overtime period, lock start another one.After the 5th overtime period (which provided to be the third overtime period), the teams run two-point conversions rather of possessions native the 25-yard line. There have actually been 5 games in college football history that have gone into 7 overtime periods.

How lengthy Are High college Football Games?

If you nothing like exactly how long an NFL or college football game lasts, you might enjoy the town hall your son or daughter pat high institution football more. These gamings usually last 2 hours, but they range anywhere indigenous 1 hour and also 45 minute to 3 hours.A big reason for the much shorter length is because of the 12-minute quarters, which full 48 minutes of game time. Halftime normally lasts everywhere from 10-20 minutes.Most games are played on Fridays and also start around 7 pm, and also end through 10 pm. When there space some high-profile high institution football gamings televised on local or nationwide television, it’s pretty rare.With that being said, most high school gamings do not require commercial breaks, have minimal or no replays, and also feature a run-heavy attack.

How long Are to pee Wee football Games?

Pee-wee football games take the least amount of time, specifically when compared to an NFL or college football game. They only last 1-2 hours and much more than fifty percent of that is because of the warmup — which can last an hour in itself. They’re normally played on the weekends – no the weekdays.A pee-wee football game usually features 8-minute quarters for 32-minutes of complete game time. With simply a 12-minute halftime, you deserve to see why these games don’t take it a long time. That’s not to to speak they’re not exciting, though!

Factors That affect the length of football Games

The size of each video game is other the NFL is repetitively looking to improve. They’re always searching for brand-new ways to speed up the game and keep the as interesting as possible for fans, yet the normal flow of the game is always getting in the method of that.The fact is there is a wide selection of components that affect the real length of a football game. The game clock can stop in ~ 60, 48, or 40 minutes, yet there’s a factor why games last several hrs — also in the reduced leagues.Let’s take a look at several of the most influential reasons:


Whenever a penalty is called, the referees huddle up and discuss the penalty. Then the referee has to make the contact into the microphone. The pat clock and game clock room stopped for all of this.


Teams are offered three timeouts every half. Once you complete it up, there space a best of 12 timeouts possible in a football game. Through each timeout taking about two minutes, the time adds up.

Pass vs Rush

The video game clock stop after an incomplete pass, yet not ~ a completed happen or a rushing beat that remains in-bounds. Games that attribute a lot of runs frequently don’t take as long as games that function a the majority of passing (inaccurate passing).

Play Clock

The size of a football game can depend on exactly how much of the beat clock a team uses. In a fast-paced offense, there will be much less standing around and more action. Towards the finish of the game, the to win team typically tries to run out the clock, which speeds the game up.


Injuries take a if to kind out, specifically if the player has difficulty getting turn off the field, yet they also result in a charged timeout in many cases. The an ext injuries that take place in a game, the much longer a game takes.


The overtime duration is one of the main reasons why people record the display after the game, simply in situation the game is tied after regulation. Some overtime periods deserve to last the entire length of another quarter, which means an boost of around 30 minutes.


Video replays are always a significant complaint among fans. Coaches and referees speak to for replays and also challenges much too often. Even when a play is clean to anyone at home and in the broadcast booth, the refs spend numerous minutes reviewing it.


Anyone who watches soccer understands the they’ll have to potentially sit through a long list of repetitive commercials every time the video game clock stops. It’s annoying and also messes v the flow of the game, both for the players and fans.


While football football player are infamous for playing in just around any weather imaginable, there room a few instances where games are delayed as result of weather. Lightning is regularly the significant concern through the NFL, through rain and snow being much less of a threat.

Technical Difficulties

Some football games are delayed together a an outcome of technical obstacles inside the stadium. Because that example, there to be a strength outage during Super bowl XLVII the delayed the game 34 minutes.

Pregame and Postgame

If you watching the video game at home or attending the game in-person, you deserve to save a lot of time by omitted the pregame and postgame tasks that take place on the field and also in the transfer booth.


Much prefer the pregame and postgame activities, halftime is one more time-consumer. This is noticeable during huge games such as the supervisor Bowl. Some leagues have actually a much longer break, which can run increase the size of a football game as well.In enhancement to the factors noted above, the length of a football game is largely influenced by the organization you’re play in.For example, university football games (on average) last longer than one NFL football game, however high school and pee-wee football games don’t take as long.

Longest NFL video game in History

The NFL has actually been roughly for over 100 years. In the time, the league has witnessed some very long gamings — in spite of the strong effort to stop these instances. The longest game ever recorded was between the Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans on Sept. 9, 2018. The Dolphins were hosting the Titans ~ above a Sunday afternoon, but this wasn’t going to be your typical afternoon in the NFL.The game started as with every other game, but the worries started late in the 2nd quarter. Through 1:11 left in the half, the game was delayed because of lightning.Normally a lightning delay lasts no much longer than 30 minutes, however fans and also players were asked to find shelter for 1 hour and 57 minutes — about the same size of a pee-wee football game.The game continued and also everything appeared fine till there to be 6:47 left in the 3rd quarter. An additional lightning hold-up caused the game to be placed on hold for another whopping 2 hours and also 2 minutes.Between the 2 delays, fans and players were standing roughly for virtually 4 hours. That’s almost a full hour an ext than an median NFL game.The Dolphins-Titans game eventually started at 1:02 pm ET however didn’t finish until 8:10 afternoon ET. Many afternoon games end by 4:30 pm ET and the evening games (which start approximately 4:15 pm ET) don’t finish until roughly 8:00 afternoon ET. The Dolphins-Titans game outlasted all of them.Once that game finally ended, fans were already gearing up because that Sunday Night Football. Miami winner the game 27-20 v each team scoring 17 points in the 4th quarter. It to be a fun game to watch, as soon as you obtained past the lightning delays.

Fastest NFL Game ever before Played

While part NFL football games take your entire Sunday away from you, other NFL football games do the opposite. End the previous 100 years, the NFL has seen several gamings dip below the three-hour mark, yet one of lock stands above the remainder — the Chargers vs. The Colts in 1996.The video game only it s long 2 hours and 29 minutes as soon as the san Diego Chargers defeated the Indianapolis Colts 26-19. The Chargers scored the only two touchdowns the the game, one in the first quarter and one in the 4th quarter. In the 2nd and 3rd quarters, both teams combined for 8 field goals.Since then, there have been six other games that to be completed rather quickly. The many recent was the mountain Francisco 49ers vs. The Washington Redskins in 2019. The game finished in 2 hours and 36 minutes with the 49ers to win 9-0.The Titans to win the Colts in 2008 (2:33), the Buccaneers beat the Falcons in 2007 (2:34), and the Pittsburgh Steelers played in two games that every lasted 2 hours and also 35 minutes.While many world complain around NFL games taking too long, there are likewise instances of castle finishing as well quickly.

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How have the right to the NFL rate Up Games?

In 2017, the NFL started to take enormous actions toward speeding the game up for fans watching at home and also fans within the stadiums. It’s been a major point of conversation ever since and they are actively searching for an ext ways every single year.They’ve done a lot due to the fact that then, however it there is no done lot for the actual length of the games — which tho take far too long.Restructuring advertising breaks and removing what they dubbed ‘double-ups’ (the two sets of advertisement before and also after kickoffs) helped, yet not as lot as fans to be hoping.They’ve additionally taken a look at video clip replays and also in-game timing, but an ext work is needed. Video replays take as well long and happen too often, also on plays that don’t require a long review.In enhancement to that, the NFL could think about restructuring or eliminating the two-minute warnings, i beg your pardon were initially a method for the scoreboard operator to sync the moment with the referees.Reducing the beat clock would assist spark a sense of urgency in each play. Three timeouts per fifty percent are also excessive in ~ times. Technology can pat a large role in this together well.The NFL still offers ‘chains’ when marking very first downs — something that’s much better done v lasers. The course, advertising and also commercials space the key things moving forward.Cutting the quantity of time spent with the broadcasters and also on commercial division is the quickest way to gain back some an useful time.

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