Tropical to warmth temperate latitudes in the east Indian and western Pacific oceans


Coral reefs and also rocky shores

Feeding Habits

Active predator


Order Squamata (snakes and also lizards), family Elapidae (sea snakes and relatives)


The banded sea krait is a sea line that stays on coral reefs in the eastern Indian and also western Pacific oceans. It it s okay its usual name indigenous the dark, vertical bars (bands) that streak an otherwise white body. Unequal some various other sea line that complete their whole lifecycle in the ocean (e.g., olive sea snake), the sea kraits spend an ext time on land.

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Like the sea turtle, saltwater crocodile, and other reptiles, this snakes need to come ashore come nest.They must likewise occasionally drink freshwater and seek out seaside sources of water for the purpose.Furthermore, they frequently digest their food and also rest ~ above land and also use terrestrial rocks to shed their skin.Though they spend lot of your time ~ above land, banded sea kraits space well adjusted for searching on coral reefs.They can hold your breath for lengthy periods of time, and they have a paddle-like tail that improves their swimming ability.

Banded sea kraits are energetic predators that specialization on searching eels, i m sorry they room able to locate by snaking with crevices and cracks in the reef.They paralysis their prey with an effective venom and also swallow it whole.Sea birds, sharks, and also some bony fishes feed on banded sea krait.Other predators follow banded sea kraits and attack any little fishes the the line scare out of the reef while hunting for eels.Like every snakes, this varieties reproduces through interior fertilization.After mating, a mrs lays a clutch of approximately ten eggs in a nest on land.Eggs hatch after an incubation period of in ~ least 4 months.

There are couple of interactions in between banded sea krait and also people, and scientists think the types to be of little or no danger of extinction.Occasionally, banded sea krait are caught in fishing nets or trap targeting various other species, and they might drown if they space trapped for too long.However, this interactions seem to be relatively infrequent.Though banded sea kraits have actually potent venom, an old wives’ tail claims that their mouths room too little to bite a person.This claim is untrue; instead, banded sea kraits are apparently docile snakes that often choose to no bite, also if provoked.Some people, however, room bitten every year (most notably anglers who accidentally catch them).


Fun Facts about Banded Sea Kraits

1. Banded sea kraits are called for the black vertical stripes (bands) that streak your white bodies.

2. Banded sea kraits space venomous snakes. They usage their gift to paralyze prey.

3. Banded sea kraits are thought about marine reptiles since they hunt because that eels ~ above coral and also rocky reefs.

4. regardless of being lot smaller than the eel they feed on, banded sea kraits gulp down their prey whole, then return to land come digest your meal, which may take several weeks.1

5. mrs banded sea kraits deserve to be increase to 3 times heavier than males. They generally eat larger conger eels, if males eat smaller moray eels.2

6. woman banded sea kraits room 50 inch (128 cm) long, while males are 30 inches (75 cm) long.


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Banded sea kraits have the right to spend an average of 15 to 30 minute underwater before returning come the surface ar for air.3

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