There are 2 ways to get from Cincinnati come Lexington through bus or car

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The cost-effective way to get from Cincinnati to Lexington is to drive, which expenses $8-$13 and also takes 1h 36m.

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The quickest method to acquire from Cincinnati come Lexington is to drive which expenses $8-$13 and takes 1h 36m.

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The distance between Cincinnati and also Lexington is 79 miles. The road distance is 90.4 miles.

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The best way to get from Cincinnati come Lexington without a automobile is come bus i m sorry takes 1h 37m and costs $40-$55.

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It takes around 1h 37m to acquire from Cincinnati to Lexington, including transfers.

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Yes, the steering distance in between Cincinnati to Lexington is 90 miles. It takes around 1h 36m to drive from Cincinnati come Lexington.

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