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How do I get to Dead Crone Rock from Mormarth QUICKLY and EASILY? Every single guide I attempt to follow involves me getting killed while trying to sprint past enemies so I can quickly get to Dead Crone Rock and running into a mountain I can"t climb up while still being attacked by those enemies. I need precise directions, i.e., turn left at Point A, right at point B, etc. I"ve been attempting this quest for at least an hour now, and it"s time for me to get it over with.

That place is one of the more annoying places to visit (the first time) even if you don"t mind taking your time.The Easiest way is to follow the road East out of Markarth, ride/run out until you can take a right (not the mine, the one a ways after that), go past the Orc Stronghold and go West from there (There may still be roads around there).I would personally take on the forsworn horde there a little at a time, but if you want to rush it you can try sprinting around the outside area there (don"t follow your quest marker, it tells you to go through another ruin nearby; you can bypass that by going around it outside). You do have to go through a small set of ruins though. It"s door you want is at the end of the road, top of the stairs. The exit at the top of this tower leads you strait to the person you are probably looking for. plan involved no real mountain climbing. You could also try using a horse and randomly climbing mountains, but for how far out of the way and close to the boarder it is, I doubt you will have much luck.
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what business brings you to Dead Crone Rock, my friend? You"re not helping Silus Vesuius by any chance? I told him I thought it was a bad idea to bring all those pieces together, but will not be dissuaded. Apparently neither will you. Well, bon chance, my friend. I personally found the weapon to be a disappointment but there is a tremendous amount of treasure at the end of this rainbow, if you ever get there.

the dagger is kind of pointless....BUT...the almost never ending supply of daedra hearts if you want to take part in some daedric smithing? That it is the real jewel of that quest (even though I don"t daedric smith because then my hero will look like this evil beast, and I want something the people will love, not fear...just me though.)

I think I found a way one time but I had to do a-lot of rock climbing or something.I do agree getting to the top is a pain because I swear there is a Forsworn Boss character that is incorrectly programmed that always kills me in one hit no matter level and setup I use. I swear when I killed him one time he had over powered weapons which made no sense.
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NaclynE posted...there is a Forsworn Boss character that is incorrectly programmed that always kills me in one hitah, the old "OP" boss trick. get"s "em every time. fortunately, there"s an app for that (briarhearts) paralaze or stun them with level 3 fus roh dah, or paralytic poison or spell, or the ice form shout and pickpocket them while they"re down. steal their heart first and then the other items you take won"t be tagged as "stolen")
75% of the time I get ambushed and one-shotted by the OP Briarheart there. Dunno where the hell he comes from and why he doesn"t show up on my compass as an enemy but he just turns up behind me and backstabs me or appears in front of me as if he teleported and slices me head off! Annoying little s***! Hate that place!
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Getting to Dead Crone Rock from Morkarth QUICKLY and EASILY
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