Blogger Caitlin Flemming supplies expert room planning to architecture a living room, workspace, bedroom and also dining room in she 375-square-foot apartment.

When Sacramento Street blogger and decorator Caitlin Flemming very first set the end to style her tiny 375-square-foot apartment in mountain Francisco"s Presidio Heights neighborhood, that didn"t begin out swimmingly.

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"My husband and also I went away for the weekend and also left our apartment to our painters," defines Caitlin. As soon as we reverted home, us walked into an apartment the was an alleged to it is in painted a practice shade of soothing gray, but instead the was spanned in a irradiate blue.

What originally seemed choose the beginning of a long, exhausting experience came to be the first step in transforming her modest apartment right into a stylish, blog-worthy home. After living v the blue the shade for number of days, Caitlin adopted it together a happy accident.

BEFORE. Classifying Caitlin"s apartment as a studio, one-bedroom or junior one-bedroom is difficult to determine because of its unusual layout. Upon entry, the dining room opens up onto the sleeping area, therefore making the suitable placement of life room furniture challenging.

BEFORE. Classifying Caitlin"s apartment together a studio, one-bedroom or small one-bedroom is difficult to determine due to its unusual layout. ~ above entry, the dining room opens up onto the resting area, therefore making the ideal placement of living room furniture challenging.

After the shade scheme to be set, a difficult challenge surfaced: exactly how do you add a life room, workspace and reading an are to a tiny area designed to serve just as a bedroom and a dining room?

Caitlin needed a functional space plan because that an apartment that was one large, open room. "Technically, the apartment is referred to as a small one-bedroom because the resting area has actually French doors the close it turn off from the dining room," describes Caitlin. "But almost everyone who"s to be over think it"s a studio apartment."

The decorator necessary the bedroom to end up being a multifunctional an excellent room. Caitlin conserved room by selecting a queen-sized bed instead of a king, setting up a small workstation, do the bay home window a analysis area, and designating a edge of the room because that lounging.

"Storage wasn"t a problem in the dining area or the resting area," says Caitlin. "My husband and I each have separate walk-in closets."

With the resting room outfitted together a full-fledged multipurpose good room, Caitlin turn her focus to the dining area. ~ stepping earlier and thinking around how to finest maximize the dining room"s built-ins, she chose to use the space for storage and also to screen several items in addition to offer ware.

"In fact, there"s so lot room to save stuff in the built-ins that we"ve placed them to use for numerous things, including what I refer to as our wine cellar," claims Caitlin. In addition to wine and dishware, the built-in area housed Caitlin"s books, camera equipment, cookbooks, wrapping record and Eric"s repertoire of san Francisco Giants bobble-head dolls.

For additional display space, a Parsons shelving unit join the built-ins in the dining area. This shelves serve as the couple"s bar and also a display space for several of their favorite treasures. The shelves are additionally home to a large collection of Astier de Villete ceramics. "A couple of years earlier my mom and also I started a legacy where we exchange a piece of Astier for Christmas," claims Caitlin. "To this particular day we’ve never offered each various other the exact same piece."

"I came across this fixture at the Alameda flea market and also stopped dead in mine tracks as soon as I say the price to be $60," claims Caitlin. "The vendor mentioned that he had additionally just rewired it, i beg your pardon made that even an ext desirable to purchase."

The glass world pendant was ideal for the small apartment for number of reasons. Smoked glass is semi-transparent, allowing Caitlin and guests to see straight through it and also into the adjoining multi-purpose room; that doesn"t take it up any visual space. The reflective high quality of the glass plays with the organic light beautifully, bringing another element of style into the dining room. The globe helps diffusive light, causing a soft glow, which illuminates the entire dining space evenly.

Since the dining room light switch was currently equipped through a dimmer, it was easy to install. Using the existing junction crate not only made the lighting update quick, but it additionally kept costs down. In historic buildings like Caitlin"s, it"s most likely that ceilings space covered in plaster, which provides the installation of brand-new junction crate extra messy and also much pricier.

Determined come incorporate right into the multipurpose room a room for blogging, Caitlin opted for a streamlined, classic Parsons table to offer as a desk. Quite than a clunky computer system monitor, she topped her desk with a glossy white 26-inch flat-panel TV. Through forgoing a media console beneath the TV, Caitlin produced the watch of a mini workspace tucked right into the corner.

Caitlin determined an armless sofa to add lounge an are to the corner of her multipurpose room without acquisition up valuable visual space.

Caitlin decided an armless sofa to include lounge room to the edge of she multipurpose room without taking up an important visual space.

"I can"t tell you how many times civilization ask me wherein my TV is," she says. "All they view is a clean, classic workspace, not a big TV overpowering the room." In addition to using every one of the space on peak of her desk, she made usage of the area listed below to house essentials, such together her arsenal of comfy litter blankets.

The apartment"s studio-like layout do finding the ideal placement for seating almost as complicated as recognize the best sofa. The an are lacked an apparent place follow me the wall surface for seating and, when trying to find the appropriate sofa, that became evident that many standard sizes would overpower the room.

Caitlin selected a traditional-style, armless two-seater sofa upholstered in neutral Belgian linen. The sofa"s armless style gives extra room for seating and creates the illusion that slightly more space.

Thanks to fantastic space planning, Caitlin and her husband are not just living comfortable themselves, they"re also able come accommodate guests for intimate dinner parties. Even if it is the small apartment is technically a junior one-bedroom or a studio remains unclear, yet one point is for certain: Caitlin has actually made the home.

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