Family Guy: 5 Times We Felt Bad For Chris (& 5 Times We Hated Him) Chris Griffin can be annoying and inproper on Family Guy, and also sometimes fans hate him. But on occasion, they likewise feel sorry for him as well.

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Chris Griffin is the source of many kind of inproper jokes on among Seth McFarlane"s best creations Family Guy and has actually provided numerous laughs over the show"s eighteen seasons. Fans have seen Chris being exceptionally inappropriate towards Meg and also Lois however regularly these make for some strange but comedic moments.

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Not eexceptionally joke on the present lands, and periodically the personalities are written so that we carry out hate them in particular moments. Let"s take a look at 5 times we have actually felt bad for Chris Griffin, and also 5 times as soon as he"s grinded our gears.

In seachild 2 episode 21, "Forefather", Peter tries to teach Chris just how to be responsible. Chris reveals on a camping pilgrimage that he as soon as had actually a negative endure via a goldfish and the scene cuts earlier to Chris coming residence to uncover that his goldfish presumably flopped his way out of his bowl, throughout the floor and out the window.

Not just that, however the goldfish additionally robbed Chris of his money. A comedic minute from the early on days which can absolutely just happen to Chris. In a later episode, Chris was also briefly organized hostage by his old fish, who had mutated into a size bigger than Chris himself. Safe to say, Chris has had bad luck through pets.

9 Hated Chris: When He Beat Up Brian To See A Girl

In seaboy 6 episode 12, "Long John Peter", Chris falls in love via a vet intern called Anna but points go south when he takes dating advice from Peter and also insults Anna on a day. In order to check out her, Chris whacks Brian with a Chair breaking his nose and impaling him with wood splints simply so he deserve to go and also apologize.

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After every little thing that Brian has done for you Chris, not cool. Of course, he might have simply gone to the vet through the function of apologizing however that wouldn"t have actually warranted as many type of laughs, yet still.

In season 4 episode 13, "Jungle Love", Chris tells Lois he does not desire to go to institution as a result of the "Freshmale Hunt", which is when all the freshguys acquire beat up by the older kids. After re-assuring Chris that every little thing will certainly be fine, Lois shouts "FRESHMAN" as soon as Chris gets out of the automobile, leading him to be bconsumed up before he even walks in the door.

Everyone felt poor for Chris at this moment, and Chris also felt favor he had to escape to live in the jungle to ultimately relax.

7 Hated Chris: When He Said Brian Didn"t Have A Soul

In season 4 episode 1, "North By North Quahog", Peter and Lois go on a 2nd honeymoon leaving Brian in charge of the youngsters. When Meg & Chris are fighting over the TV remote Brian tries to take charge to which Chris replies "I don"t need to listen to you, you"re a dog, you do not have a soul!" Stewie, being the supportive friend to Brian that he is, tells Brian to take charge.

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Setting aside the fact that dogs are arguably the greatest pets on earth, it has actually been shown many kind of times throughout the show that Brian does have a heart via his many type of girlfriends, musical numbers, and advice to other members of the household.

In seakid 5 episode 16, "No Chris Left Behind", Chris gets expelled from James Woods High for being the dumideal boy in the institution, and Peter and also Lois have to uncover a brand-new school for him.

His grandpa Carter helps him get into Morningtimber Academy however the other children who are much more wealthy make fun of Chris for being "poor" compared to them. A below the belt insult that absolutely made fans feel sorry for Chris.

5 Hated Chris: When He Hid In Meg"s Clocollection With A Video Camera

In seaboy 4 episode 19, "Brian Sings And Swings", Meg preoften tends to be a lesbian after joining a lesbian alliance club and also she tries to convince Lois by kissing her friend on the cheek prior to Lois appropriately kisses her frifinish.

Chris then hilariously falls out of the closet via a video clip cam (complied with not long after by Quagmire). This scene simply adds to the comedic but creepy perspective Chris has about the womales he is pertained to.

In seakid 11 episode 13, "Chris Cross", Meg catches Chris stealing money from Lois"s purse and blackmails him to perform all her chores including cleaning her room, doing her homework among various other things.

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Meg takes the blackmailing so much that Chris decides to relocate in via Herbert. Fans of the display will know Herbert well enough to understand why we should all feel sorry for Chris in this episode.

3 Hated Chris: When He Became Popular

In seachild 7 episode 13, "Stew-Roids", Chris dates recurring side character Connie D"Amico and also becomes famous himself. Once he is as famous as she is Chris transforms on Meg who was hoping that Chris"s brand-new status would certainly rub off on her.

Unfortunately, Chris has various other plans and does not also invite Meg to his party which is, of course, at her very own home. Meg was trying to be friends via Connie lengthy prior to she verified interemainder in Chris. Not cool Chris, not cool.

In the same episode, Connie dated Chris to make him well-known, yet her arrangement backfires and Connie becomes the loser as soon as Chris steals all of her friends. Connie decides to obtain back at him and also asks Meg for assist.

Meg then asks Neil Goldman to play an embarrassing video of Chris while he is on stage. The video is Chris dancing via make-up on and a blanket approximately him, shedding him his well-known condition. A harsh alternative from Connie and Meg that no one would certainly wish upon their adversary in the genuine civilization, however perhaps it was vital.

1 Hated Chris: When He Called Joe A "Two-Wheeled" Monster

In seaboy 6 episode 12, "Long John Peter", Chris goes to The Clam to ask for advice around "the birds and the bees" from Peter, Quagmire, and Cleveland. When Joe offers him advice Chris claims that he was trying to find advice from someone that isn"t "damaged from the waist down".

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Joe is just one of the finest side personalities in the display and despite Joe having 2 children Kevin and also Susie, Chris is being horribly distasteful (as Family Guy can be), thin ice Chris.

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