Year - 2011 Studio - Hallmark Channel Stars - plunder Estes, buy it Manninen, David Lewis, Kelly Monaco, David Richmond-Peck, ann Marie DeLuise, Reg Tupper, Karen Elizabeth Austin, man Hainsworth Director - Michael Scott Writing Credits - Duane pool Music - Graeme Coleman


Brian Connor (Rob Estes) is a workaholic executive v his family"s tech business. His exasperated fiancé, Julie (Kelly Monaco), division off your relationship when he forgets come attend your engagement party. Brian pipeline to spend some time with a new web hosting salvation in Seabrook, Maine. Although the plans to rent an apartment there, a realtor reflects him one old, rural head that has actually been uninhabited for numerous years. The price is surprisingly reasonable for the charming home, and also Brian buys it.

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Working ~ above the building"s plumbing, he finds an antique locket in a toilet sink drainpipe trap. A few minutes later, he notices a woman external his window, seated on a garden bench. As soon as he viewpoints her, she is frightened, demanding to know what he is law in her house. She identify herself as Nora Hargrave (Sarah Manninem). She notices the locket the is holding and says the it belongs to her. The attempts come hand it to her, yet his hand passes best through hers. Brian continues to have encounters with the ghostly Nora, and he eventually realizes that she exists in the year 1960. They uncover that they can communicate by leaving written messages in a tin box inserted inside the fireplace.


Dr. Bowers (Reg Tupper) is dubbed when Nora i do not care ill, however her husband cutting board (David Lewis) refuses to believe that her condition is serious. Brian phone call a medical professional friend, defines the symptoms, and also specifies that any prescribed drugs must have been easily accessible in 1960. Nora asks your handyman, frank Clemmons (David Richmond-Peck), to drive her to the pharmacy. The medicines cure she illness, yet her husband begins to think that she is having an affair through the handyman.

Brian realizes that Nora may still be alive now in 2011, and also he searches phone books for the neighboring areas. He find a listing for cutting board Hargrave, call him and also arranges a meeting. The old guy arrives and also says the Norah died many years ago but leaves in anger, once Brian asks just how she died. He then learns indigenous an web search, that she died in a fire in her home. Desperately, Brian warns Nora to leaving her husband, which she immediately begins to do. But the husband locks her in the bedroom.

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Brian"s ex-fiancé come to discuss their situation, but both realize that the connection is irretrievably broken. She finds the old locket ~ above the fireplace mantle, and also accidently autumn it into the fire. The resulting sparks infect a stuffed chair, and the room is set ablaze. When Brian attempts to rescue Nora, the husband assaults them through a shotgun. But Nora and also her husband vanish into thin air.

Brian currently finds a phone magazine listing for Nora Hargrave and also goes to the address, yet is notified that she has moved to a parenting home. Once he finds she there, she instantly recognizes him, and also says the she knew he would one day uncover her. He provides her the locket, and also Nora (now play by Karen Elizabeth Austin) introduces him to she daughter, sarah (also play by buy it Manninem). Sarah is intrigued to satisfy the Brian Connor she has actually heard for this reason much about from her mother over the countless years.