Yes, taking creatine will aid you to pass a drug test. However, it does not work the means several sources on the net presume.

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Most world who have cheated the test making use of this method believe that taking number of pills of this supplement helps mask the urine metabolites. This is an extremely wrong.

On the contrary, creatine should be take away as part of the dilution method. Eating creatine a few hours come the test enables you to dilute her urine several folds without tampering with the regular creatinine values.

This post will describe when and also how you need to take creatine and use the to happen the test.

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Creatine and also Creatinine - Is the the exact same thing?

These two terms confuse most world a lot, especially when offered in the very same sentence.

Creatine describes a substance uncovered naturally in her muscles.

It functions as fuel for the muscles, thereby raising the lot of energy released during exercises.

This is why creatine supplements room so acquainted to athletes, bodybuilders, and also weightlifters.

What about creatinine?

After creatine has been metabolized in the muscles, a compound called creatinine is developed as a by-product.

Creatinine is released right into the bloodstream because that excretion v the urine.

Creatinine is just one of the qualifying tests the labs lug out in her urine when experimentation for drugs.


Others encompass pH levels, certain gravity, color, and also temperature.

Understanding the Creatinine level in her urine and its importance

The rap technician tests the lot of creatinine in your urine to recognize whether you might have tried come cheat the check by drinking several water.

This explains why it’s recipient to understand the creatinine levels in her urine an initial before utilizing the dilution method to skew the test results in her favor.

The common creatinine level in human beings vary native one human being to another, relying on the muscle mass.

More muscles typical that much more creatine is metabolized into creatinine compounds.

This explains why human being with higher muscle fixed have greater creatinine levels.

The regular creatinine level in males ranges in between 20ng/ml and also 370ng/ml.

Females have actually a variety of between 20ng/ml and 320ng/ml.

Most drug screening service providers use a cut off of 20ng/ml (as stated by DOT and also SAMHSA guidelines) when trial and error for the creatinine level in your urine sample.

There isn’t an concern if her levels are so high. The problem sets in if your worth is listed below the 20ng/ml mark.

This signifies the you’ve make the efforts to water down the materials in your urine, consisting of the drug metabolites, by drink a most liquid part hours prior to the test.

In together a scenario, your sample might be flagged for dilution.

This may either trigger a failure, or you can be allowed to redo the test (if you space lucky).

To beat a urine drug test using the dilution method, you should dilute the THC metabolites to listed below the detectable level if still preserving the creatinine worth at over 20ng/ml.

As you have the right to probably imagine, if her creatinine level is at the reduced end, let’s say, 24ng/ml, the won’t take a lot of dilution prior to it is listed below the normal range.

On the other, if your urine has actually a higher creatinine content, 100ng/ml, for instance, it i do not care effortless because that you to dilute numerous folds and remain safe.

Do you should take a creatine supplement?

Whether you should take this supplements counts on the lot of creatinine in your body at the moment.

Therefore, you’ll require to gain some creatinine check strips and test yourself.

Of course, if her creatinine level is below or simply slightly higher than the cut-off, you have actually no choice but to take it the supplement.

Almost any creatinine test strips brand will do. Yet remember the accuracy is crucial if you have to beat a test.

That’s why i recommend going because that a brand that does an ext than just indicating a pass or Fail.

You desire a brand that gives you a turbulent estimate of the creatinine in her urine.

Only then will certainly you have the ability to determine exactly how much water you have the right to take without acquisition the creatinine value listed below the threshold.

How to take creatine supplements to beat a urine medicine test

I should put it clearly that upping her creatinine level isn’t an easy task. Over there is no scientific proof of the number of creatine supplements you must take to an increase your creatinine levels.

All in all, it has been found that it can be possible to rise these level by 20% by spend 20 grams that creatine supplement everyday for 5 days.

Creatinine supplement is marketed in powder or pill form. If the pills weigh 2.5g, you’ll have to take 2 of castle 4 times daily (2.5g x 2 x 4= 20g).

Other methods of raising your creatinine levels

There is still an extremely low information on how to rise low level of creatinine today. However, i did find a few suggestions on how one might do it;

Gentle exercises

As a by-product that creatine metabolism, gentle exercises including jogging, swimming, and also aerobics could reason your muscles to utilize much more creatine.

As a result, this might assist in an increasing the level of creatinine in her urine.

I’m however to discover out whether exercising the night before the test might rise these levels.

Although it appears possible, there’s quiet a many research that requirements to it is in done worrying it.

Eating specific foods

Health experts case that eating details foods could be of great help if you room struggling v low creatinine levels. Specific meats such together lean and also red meat (beef, poultry, salmon, and also tuna fish) space rich in creatine.

For vegetarians, girlfriend might think about legumes, thanks to your high protein content.

However, although well-off in proteins, legumes don’t market so lot creatine contrasted to meats. Together such, it could be necessary to an increase your intake through a supplement.



Simply acquisition a creatine supplement, even if it is in flour or pill form, won’t be of much help, especially if your body already has sufficient amount.

This is due to the fact that creatinine does no mask the drug metabolites in her urine nevertheless of its quantity in the body.

If what you room concerned about is just how to minimize the drug metabolites" concentration in your urine to listed below the detectable threshold, just drinking a lot of water will certainly help.

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However, you must do it with diligence come avoid transforming other necessary urine components, including creatinine, particular gravity, and color.