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an overview

Students test whether the shade of a product affects how much warm it absorbs. They leave ice cubes placed in boxes made of colored record (one box per color; white, yellow, red and black) in the sun, and also predict in i m sorry colored crate ice cubes melt first. They record the order and also time required for the ice cubes come melt. This engineering curriculum aligns to following Generation science Standards (NGSS).

On a summer afternoon, the black color roof in ~ left to be measured to be 54ºF (30ºC) warmer 보다 the white roof at right.

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Engineering connection

The research of light and its actions is vital component in the architecture of many items, every little thing from optical instruments to roofing products to solar cells. The performance and characteristics of light guide designers to come up with various forms of irradiate detection for lenses in cameras, microscopes, CD players and also medical devices. Various sources the light bring different quantities of energy. Because that example, an effective lasers can reduced through stone or also metal.

learning Objectives

particular colors absorb light far better than others.The sun produces heat and light.Why ice cubes melt.(optional) The purpose of solar panels.

Educational criter

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NGSS: following Generation science Standards - scientific research
NGSS performance Expectation science & design Practices Disciplinary Core principles Crosscutting principles

K-2-ETS1-3. Analysis data native tests of two objects draft to solve the same trouble to to compare the strengths and also weaknesses of just how each performs. (Grades K - 2)

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This task focuses on the following three Dimensional Learning aspects of NGSS:
Analyze data indigenous tests of an item or device to identify if it functions as intended.

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Because there is always an ext than one feasible solution to a problem, that is valuable to compare and test designs.

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usual Core State criter - mathematics
International modern technology and design Educators combination - an innovation
State requirements
Massachusetts - mathematics
Massachusetts - scientific research
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products List

colored paper 4 sheets per group (white, yellow, red, black)newspaperscissors (one per student if you desire the lock to reduced out the crate indigenous the fancy paper)clear tape, to make the cube crate from fancy paper4 ice cubes per groupsunny job or a warm lamp

Worksheets and also Attachments

Activity Worksheet (pdf)
Activity Worksheet (doc)
Rubric for power Assessment (pdf)
Rubric for power Assessment (doc)
Making sense Assessment (pdf)
Making feeling Assessment (docx)
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Workers download a white roof in Atlanta, Georgia, to reduce the quantity of energy required to keep the inside structure temperature cool.

Imagine the it is 100 degrees outside. Exactly how do you remain cool? What type of clothing do girlfriend wear? any thought to color? (Listen to college student ideas.)

What might be the influence of color and also its partnership to heat? have the right to you think of any kind of instances in which the color of something renders a distinction in how hot it gets in the sun? (Listen to student ideas. Possibilities: wearing white vs. Black clothes on super warm days. Flat rooftops sealed in black color tar vs. White polymer material. Go barefoot across a black color asphalt roadway vs. Lighter concrete roadway. Picking a white car instead the a black auto if girlfriend live whereby it is sunny and also hot every the time.)

The sun emits energy in the kind of electromagnetic waves. Us see part of the electromagnetic wave as light and we feel component of it together warmth. Darker colour absorb much more sunlight 보다 lighter colors, i beg your pardon is why darker colors gain warmer more quickly in the sunlight than lighter colors. The lighter color reflect more of the sun\"s radiant energy, so they continue to be cooler come touch in the sunlight.

Let\"s carry out our own experimentation to find out.


Before the Activity

Make sufficient ice cubes so that each group can have four. Shot to make them the very same size because that experiment consistency.To conserve time, pre-cut and assemble (using tape) the colored paper into five-sided boxes each large enough to fit an ice cream cube. Otherwise, have students cut, fold and also tape together their very own boxes. Check out the extr Multimedia Support ar for internet resources on how to make a cube native a item of paper.Gather the rest of the materials.

With the Students

With the class, talk with the Introduction/Motivation section.Once the course is thinking about the affect of color and also its connection to heat, divide the course into tiny groups.Give every group four sheets the colored paper (white, yellow, red, black) and have them cut and also fold your sheets into boxes.Hand the end newspaper and also have each team spread the newspaper in one exposed, sunny ar outside, or under a heat lamp.On the newspaper, location the boxes side by side with the opening encountering away from the sun/light so students can see inside.Give each group 4 ice cubes and instruct them to location one ice cream cube in the center of each colored box.Direct teams to document their data in the worksheet chart.Have students produce a bar graph representing the time it took the ice to melt for each shade of paper.Discuss v the course their observations, touching on the various colors and also their capacity to reflect light and also heat. Also, talk around how these color characteristics aid to melt the ice.Ask student the investigating Questions. Talk about some real-world instances in which designers use their understanding of how different colors reflect light and heat to architecture products and also find solutions. (Example: Asphalt roads and tar roofs room dark surfaces the absorb warm from the sun. Measurements display that white roofs reflect some of the sun\"s heat earlier into an are and cool temperatures, much as attract a white shirt on a clear day have the right to be cooler than wearing a dark shirt. So, designing white roofing materials or paint for roofs has actually the impact of cooling temperatures within buildings.)


absorb: To take in; to change (radiant energy) into a different kind usually through a resulting increase in temperature.

energy: The volume for doing work; raising weight, because that example.

heat: A type of power that causes substances to increase in temperature or to go through linked phase changes (as melting, evaporation, or expansion).

radiant energy: power (as warmth waves, irradiate waves, radio waves, x-rays) sent in the form of electromagnetic waves.

reflect: to bounce tide of light, sound, or heat off a surface.

solar cell: A photo-electric cell the converts sunlight straight into electric energy and can be used as a power source.

solar energy: Energy acquired from sunlight.

solar panel: A group of solar cells developing a flat surface (as top top a spacecraft).


Rubric: usage the Rubric for power Assessment.

Making Sense: have students reflect around the science phenomena they discover and/or the science and engineering skills they provided by perfect the Making sense Assessment.

Investigating questions

Why perform ice cubes melt?How go the sun affect ice?What sort of apparel do people wear external in the winter? In summer?On which color did the first ice cube totally melt? Why?If an ice cream cube was inserted on a blue item of paper, exactly how much time perform you think it would certainly take to completely melt?Which color absorbs heat the quickest in the sun?Which shade would be the best to assist keep ice cubes from melt too easily in the sun?

activity Scaling

For a more daunting activity, include a discussion of warmth as a kind of energy, consisting of the solar panels and also solar energy.

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added Multimedia assistance

Refer to WikiHow\"s indict on just how to do a paper Cube at http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Paper-Cube (includes a printable cube template) and How to do a 3D Cube in ~ http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-3D-Cube.