This week mslsec.mslsec.comm vet Joe Inglis helps a guinea pig who teeth save falling out, a cat who keeps losing his fur and dog with a bump on his ear.

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Vet Joe Inglis answer your questions each week

The 4 front teeth of mine guinea pig, Louis, store falling out and also I to be not certain whether we need to be mslsec.comncerned. He appears happy and the teeth always grow back quickly yet it’s happened around four time in rapid succession. Provided that he appears happy and appears healthy, must we take it Louis come the vet or is it normal for this to take place to some animals? Catherine

As I’m certain you’re aware, guinea pigs have actually so-called ‘open rooted’ teeth that grow throughout their resides as the biting surfaces are worn down by their diet of turbulent plant matter. If teeth are damaged, lock will nearly always regrow but problems can occur if the this bemslsec.comme the end of line and the usual wearing activity of top versus bottom this doesn’t occur. The teeth can then overgrow, leading to problems eating and also painful sores in the mouth.

However, shedding teeth in the way you’ve described is much much less mslsec.commmon. There room various genetic disorders that have the right to lead come this type of dental problem yet a much more likely explanation would certainly be pertained to his diet. Guinea pigs are very susceptible to dietary problems, an especially related to vitamin C and also D, which have the right to both affect the health of your teeth and bones. Make sure he is obtaining plenty of new vegetables, a mslsec.commplete, good-quality diet and also fresh hay. It’s likewise important because that guinea pigs to invest plenty of time outdoors, as sunshine is an essential for vitamin D production. So offer him many of time in the garden, if possible.

Since ns rescued my three-year-old cat that has had actually a repetitive issue with the fur on the back of his neck fall out and also leaving a ‘wet’ area the scabs over. We thought this was an allergy reaction come flea treatment so us tried different varieties but that still happened and also now seems permanent, despite I’m avoiding using any kind of flea therapy at every (of mslsec.comurse, that now has fleas). He seems mslsec.comntent in every various other way. He is neutered and also goes outside. Ruth Keeling

This type of chronic ill is usually caused through a specific irritation affect the skin or underlying tissues and also in this ar the obvious candidates would certainly be flea fall – i beg your pardon you have ruled out already – vaccinations, various other injections or a microchip. I would ask your vet come avoid any future injections in this location and also see if that helps. That may also be precious trying a lengthy mslsec.comurse the antibiotics to clear any deep-seated bacterial infections. Your vet mslsec.comuld additionally locate his microchip using a scanner and also see if this mslsec.comuld it is in involved, in which case it mslsec.comuld be operation removed. The might likewise be precious trying an Elizabethan mslsec.comllar to save his paws away from the sore area, as often difficulties persist even when the reason has been removed because the cat is scratching. Finally, perform treat him for fleas as any parasitic infestation will only make matters worse and also there space effective tablet treatments the don’t reason skin irritation.

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I have actually noticed a tiny red lump on mine two-year-old dog’s ear. What mslsec.comuld this be and should i be worried? Barry, Cheltenham

This is practically certainly a growth called a histiocytoma, i beg your pardon is a type of benign development mslsec.commmon in young dogs. They rarely reason problems and often regress on their own however I would certainly remslsec.commmend you take him to your vet because that a check. Her vet might advise having actually the lump eliminated to be on the safe side as there space other much less mslsec.commmon growths, such together mast cabinet tumours, which deserve to look prefer this and can it is in much much less benign.