Buying points for your guinea pig is fun and there are many temptations once visiting the pets shop. We normally expect item that space labelled because that guinea pigs in the shops and online come be an ideal for ours piggy friends. However, this is every too regularly not the case!

To help you make the ideal choices and avoid the items that are bad for castle we have mslsec.commpiled a perform ofthings you have to never buy your guinea pig.

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If you desire to discover some an excellent toys for her guinea pigs which space safe and also they’ll love, take it a look at the toys and also boredom breakers we’ve tried the end on our very own guinea pigs and also remslsec.commmend because that you.

1. Hamster wheel or balls

Many human being put guinea pigs in the exact same “small pet” category and think what is an excellent for another tiny pet is fine because that all little pets.

A hamster wheel is very dangerous for a guinea pig. They space not expected to move their bodies in the position forced for these playthings and, because they have exceptionally delicate bones and a very fragile spine, the unnatural back-bending position they are forced into by making use of these toys can break their earlier and reason serious injury.

These injuries can be fatal for this reason please never ever buy a hamster wheel or sphere for your guinea pig.

2. Metal hay balls

The metal framed hay balls the you can fill v hay come feed your pet can reason serious damage to guinea pigs.

There have been countless stories the guinea pigs gaining stuck or trapped in them and sustaining devastating injuries. If a guinea pig it s okay stuck in among these, cable cutters space usually essential to rescue the guinea pig and also it is not always a good outmslsec.comme.

If you’re trying to find a way to feeding hay to her piggies, a hay manger is the finest option however even few of these room not great.We remslsec.commmend the great quality wood ones such together the tiny Pet choose hay feeders.

This is a for sure hay feeder for guinea pigs

3. Leashes or harnesses

The idea of acquisition your guinea pig because that a to walk is admittedly one that can beappealing to children. However, making your guinea pig stay a harness and also taking them for a go on a leash is an incredibly dangerous point to do. There space several factors for this.

A guinea pig is a worried creature. Taking a guinea pig because that a walk in public is a really bad idea as the noise will scare him and he may be in peril of being attacked by a cat or dog.Guinea pigs aren’t supposed to it is in taken for walks. They won’t favor it and also need to be able to move freely.

Although harnesses and leashes are for sale because that guinea pigs in pet shops and also online, these are not safe and also should never be supplied on a guinea pig.

4. Rabbit food (or food because that other small pets)

If you have actually a rabbit, you can think that you deserve to save money or save having to buy two different packets of dried pellet food by giving this to her guinea pig.

However, guinea pigs and rabbits have really different dietary needs and also they need to be fed the special guinea pig pellets rather than those because that rabbits or any kind of otherpets.

One of the most important facets of the dried food is added vitamin C. Rabbit don’t need this so it isn’t included to their food, however, guinea pigs require this ~ above a daily basis as their body don’t save it and itneeds continual replenishing.

You will additionally find dried food for other petswill mslsec.comntain ingredientsthat space not an excellent for guinea pigs for this reason stick to an excellent quality pellets that space designed with guinea pigs in mind.

5. Tiny cages

Cages in pets shops and online are frequently labelled for guinea pigs also when lock are lot too small.

The RSPCA remslsec.commmends a minimum cage dimension of120cm x 60cm for two guinea pigs. If us were preserved in a tiny room because that the entirety of our lives we would certainly be nice sad and depressed. That is the very same for her guinea pigs. They room intelligent pets andneedplenty of space to exercise and also need space to play.

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6. Cedar or non-kiln-dried pine bedding

Many world who are gaining guinea pigs for the first time don’t realise how essential it is to choose an ideal bedding particularly for this pets.

Guinea pigs have actually highly perceptible respiratory systems and also are really prone to respiratory diseases. Cedar and also non-kiln-dried pine tree based bedding should not it is in used due to the fact that they bothnaturally mslsec.comntain odours that space toxic because that guinea pigs so making use of this type of bedding will certainly make her pets ill.

Some the the best and popular choices are paper-based bedding, various other wood pulp based bedding, kiln dried wood bedding orfleece liners.

7. Unhealthy treats

You would certainly think the if a act was marked as a guinea pig treat the it would be ok. This is often not the case. Guinea pigs should not have anything with dairy, sugar or pet based products. They space actually much happier if given a piece of carrot or lettuce or various other piece of fresh veg or little mouthful the fruit.

Oneof our guinea pigs favourite treats space pea flakes however they have to only have actually a few of this a day. These small treats are especially beneficial when taming her guinea pigs.

Bear in mind the fresh vegetables, guinea pig pellets and also hay need to be offered daily and also these foods kind a healthy everyday diet for your guinea pigs.

8. Salt licks and mineral stones

Salt licks or mineral stones are marketed for guinea pigs in pet shops,as well as digital stores. Described as 100% natural and also a method of supplementing their diet through minerals, lock sound choose a good thing, however, too much salt is negative for them and it is not remslsec.commmended friend buy this for her pets.

Make certain your guinea pigs gain a great balanced diet and also they should obtain all the vitamins and also minerals lock need.