Recently one of the friend functioning in the Middle-East, who was planning to come home for a vacation called me up and asked me “How lot is the duty I need to pay at the Airport customs to lug a LED TV”. This is just one of the vital questions asked by people when they room returning indigenous aboard. Television prices in India are on the greater side, many thanks to the taxes however a lot of Middle-east nations charge only 1/3rd the what is fee in India and hence prompting human being to buy TVs native aboard and bring the here. There is whereby you have to pay customizeds duty because that LCD and also LED televisions. So exactly how much execute you need to pay? Let’s analyze in this post.

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So firstly, you need to know that for all Televisions, be it LCD or LED or tiny screen or big screen, you need to pay duties at airport as soon as you arrive. Formerly there were some exemptions because that smaller size LCD TVs (less than 32 inches), but now there are no together exemptions. All TVs space dutiable once you lug it native outside.

What is the customs Duty because that LCD and also LED Televisions?

According to government of India, the duties for imported TVs is about 36%. So this method 36% is the duty you need to pay once you carry a TV from abroad. However the concern is 36% the what? Is it the actual cost of TV in India or the invoice amount?

It is actually based on the assessed value of the TV by customizeds officials. So assessed value relies on the make of the TV, the size, condition, even if it is it is brand-new or offered and also the invoice lot of the TV once you purchased. Therefore make certain that you constantly keep the initial bill that the TV from whereby you purchased. While customs officer has actually the best to assess the value, you can constantly request the to take into consideration the invoice amount fairly than the cost in India. Also, if the TV is currently used for couple of months, you can likewise request to reduced the worth for depreciation.

Customs public representative will have actually a database of expense of TVs due to the fact that it is just one of the renowned items imported. Some officials are very strict with the legislations while couple of others carry out some relaxations for the assessed value of the TV.

Now allows examine this v an example. Assume you purchased a brand-new 50 inch LED TV because that AED 2000 which is approx INR 38000. Currently when it arrives in India, customs official might assess the value as 35000 (based top top the nature of the TV) and you will have to pay 36% of 35000 i m sorry approx INR 12600. Now if the TV is already used elsewhere you have the right to ask for a depreciation in the value and also he can even agree for assessed value as INR 25000. This way you finish up paying INR 9000 as duties.

So basically, the duties depends on the assessed value and it is 36% that this value.

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You should pay the duties in Indian rupees (or international currency) before getting the TV exit from customs officials at the airport. As soon as you salary duties constantly make certain you acquire the receipt native the personalizeds officials because that the duty paid by you.