Bed size is most likely one of your very first considerations once mattress shopping and many decision on the twin or slightly bigger twin XL together the ideal fit for their living space. Both choices avoid acquisition up too lot room if still giving a solitary adult with enough sleeping space.

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What is a Twin?


A twin dimension mattress, sometimes dubbed a single, is 38 customs by 75 inches. That the smallest traditional size accessible for adults.

Twin mattresses are a common selection for children’s rooms, even if it is it’s simply one in a simple bed frame or two in a bunk bed. Lock also fantastic fit for small studio apartments and bedrooms.

What is a pair XL?


A pair extra long mattress is 38 customs by 80 inches. It supplies 5 an ext inches that legroom 보다 a consistent twin mattress.

Many people keep a pair XL mattress in a tiny guest bedroom to better accommodate single sleepers. Similarly, most college dorm rooms have twin XL size bed frames to minimize the opportunities of a college student being also tall for their bed. And some parental buy a pair XL mattress because that their youngsters in situation of a development spurt.

Which is right for Me?

To decision whether a twin or a pair XL is the finest mattress because that you, girlfriend should consider your height, her budget, and your room size. If you arrangement on pairing it with an flexible base, friend might additionally need to check out what size your liked bed framework comes in.

Your Height

For many, the deciding factor between a twin and twin XL mattress is just how tall the sleeper is. Solitary adults taller 보다 6 feet may find their feet hang end the leaf of a continual twin, while the extra size of a pair XL mattress provides plenty of legroom.

If the new mattress is for a child that’s outgrown your crib mattress, you might want come opt for a pair XL mattress. The 5 extra customs can better accommodate a growth spurt once your child reaches their teenager years.


Twin XL mattresses cost an ext than a traditional twin bed, together they require more material come produce. However, the 2 have comparable prices—for example, a twin dimension Zoma mattress expenses $450 and a pair XL mattress $550.

However, bedding equipment for a pair mattress are usually cheaper and also easier come find. Part bedding brands might not even create twin XL size sheets and also blankets.

Room Size

Twin and twin XL have comparable sizes, with only 5 customs of difference in between them. Both fit well in rooms that room at least 7 feet by 10 feet. However, if friend need much more floor space, a traditional twin mattress can be the much better choice.

Using an adjustable Base

Double-check which size of flexible bed frames are accessible before girlfriend buy a mattress. Some companies just sell pair XL flexible bed frames.

Two pair XL mattresses additionally work well with a king size adjustable base. Having actually two separate mattresses lets you customize every half—so you might go to bed while your companion sits increase to end up a thing in your book.

If you considering a mattress for an flexible base, we recommend a storage foam or latex mattress. The coils of one innerspring mattress nothing bend and fold and also a foam mattress, which is most likely to cause you discomfort.

Other Bed Sizes

Maybe no twin dimension is what you’re looking for in a mattress. Maybe you have a understand bedroom you desire to shop for, or a guest room huge enough for a larger mattress 보다 a twin. If so, over there are various other mattress size you have the right to consider.


A complete size mattress functions 16 an ext inches of width than a conventional twin. It’s a great choice for single sleepers that need much more sprawling room than a twin deserve to provide. Some college dorm rooms have full size beds instead of a twin XL mattresses.

If she tall, you might want to look for a full XL mattress—like a twin XL, a complete XL mattress offers 5 more inches that legroom. A full XL is not a traditional size, therefore your ideal chance of recognize one is by feather online.


A queen size mattress measures 60 inch by 80 inches, great for one human to sprawl out on or for two to share. Its adaptability is one reason why queen mattresses space the most popular bed size.


A king dimension mattress is the widest traditional mattress obtainable at 76 inches by 80 inches. If you desire to upgrade your grasp bedroom, a king size bed can be the way to go.

If you’re sharing v a partner who likes the bed firmer or softer 보다 you do, you could want to compare a separation king to a king mattress. Break-up king beds are actually 2 mattresses the each the dimension of a pair XL, so both of you deserve to sleep comfortably.

California King

A California king size mattress is 4 inches longer than a typical king mattress, although it’s likewise 4 inch narrower. If you’re as well tall come lie under on a traditional king mattress without leaving her feet dangling turn off the edge, a California king can assist you sleep comfortably.

Frequently inquiry Questions

The 5 inches the difference between a twin and also twin XL mattress will certainly make it an overwhelming to place a pair fitted sheet end a pair XL mattress—you might have the ability to slip it on, however it’s unlikely to it is in secure sufficient to continue to be on the mattress. However, you can sleep with a loosened twin size blanket ~ above a twin XL mattress.

And remember to wash your sheets weekly to stop dust mites indigenous settling.

No, it’s 2 twin XL mattresses side by side that are equal to one king size bed. This is recognized as a separation king mattress, and it can assist couples with different sleep needs obtain a better night’s sleep.

It’s unlikely that 2 adults would sleep comfortable on a twin mattress. Because that couples, we recommend a queen or king dimension mattress.

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