Two of the most common species for first-time fish owners are goldfish and bettas. But they are quite different from one another and have different diet needs.

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Can Goldfish Eat Betta FoodIf you are going to keep goldfish and bettas in the same tank can you feed them both betta food?A goldfish can eat Betta fish food occasionally as this is one of the best foods to get their protein requirements, but it should be provided sparingly and used as a special treat for your Goldfish no more than once weekly.Goldfish like to eat food that has sunk to the bottom or middle of the aquarium, so if you do offer Betta fish food, the Goldfish will not eat it until it sinks.Monitor this very carefully, because any meal that settles on the bottom of the tank can break down and cause ammonia levels to rise.

Difference in the Diet of a Goldfish and a Betta

Before explore whether or not a goldfish can eat Betta fish food, let’s take a look at what the diets of each of these fish consist of both in an aquarium and in the wild.

Betta Diet

Bettas are carnivores in the wildThey will eat just about anything from worms to insects to smaller fishProtein makes up as much as 70 percent of their intake in the wildTo try to replicate this, most commercial Betta food entails about 55 percent protein

Goldfish Diet

Goldfish are omnivores and require both vegetables and protein in their dietNeeds a protein intake of around 25 percent of their overall dietConsuming to much protein can cause problems such as swim bladder disease, gas, and even kidney failure if they overeatWhat Happens If You Feed a Goldfish Betta Food? Betta food contains high protein so should only be fed to your goldfish once or twice a week, to much protein can cause problems such as congestion and diseases.Can Goldfish Eat Betta Food

What Food Do Goldfish Eat?

A goldfish doesn’t have very peculiar eating requirements, or at least not as specific as the Betta.Goldfish are omnivores — which means that they eat both plant and meat-based matter too. Goldfish don’t require much protein in their diet, and in fact, can survive on lower levels of protein than many other fish.Goldfish need a good mix ofProteinNutrientsVitaminsFiberGoldfish only need a protein intake of around 25 percent of their overall diet.Generally, generic flaked goldfish food is more than enough to keep them excited. Also, you do want to mix it up a little withLive foodsFish FlakesFreeze-Dried FoodsFresh food too such as vegetablesThe main point is that Goldfish aren’t very picky, and as long as they have a balanced diet, they’ll be just fine.All of that being said, Goldfish can eat betta food occasionally, yes, but not too much. Betta has some pretty specific dietary requirements, and their meals are rich in protein.A betta’s food will be too high in protein for Goldfish to eat all of the time. Additionally, Goldfish prefer their food to sink to the bottom or even the middle of the fish tank as aforementioned, which, as you’ll see, is not the same with the betta fish.What Food Do Goldfish Eat

What Food Do Betta Fish Eat?

Betta fish have quite a few diet requirements that you will need to be aware ofBetta fish are carnivores and insectivoresThe vast majority of their diet consists of proteins and meatBetta needs to have a diet that contains 55 percent protein at the very least.Anything under 55 percent protein is not good for the fishAs you can see, a betta’s diet needs to consist of a whole lot more protein than a goldfish’s diet.Betta prefers to eat a mix of the following foodsHigh protein foods like blood wormsPelletsDaphniaBrine shrimpOther small meaty creaturesMoreover, the betta fish prefers to eat its food while it’s floating near the top of the tank, that is why betta fish food is often designed to float near the top of tank.Unlike goldfish food, which tends to sink deeper middle or down into the tank.What Food Do Bettas Eat

Can Goldfish And Betta Eat Bloodworms?

The answer is absolutely yes, it can eat bloodworms, but you should only give bloodworms to your fish as a treat.Goldfish do need a little bit of animal-based protein in their diet – which makes bloodworms the right choice for them.You can supplement your Goldfish’s and Betta meal or snack time with a few bloodworms.Just ensure not to feed Goldfish with bloodworms around twice per week, as they do require a lot more plant-based food than meats.I recommend to feed your goldfish and betta freeze-dried bloodworms (Available to buy on amazon)Live worms are also an option, but they can harbor diseases and parasites that can make your fish ill. The freeze-drying process assists in eliminating these dangerous parasites and diseases.

What Vegetables Can You Feed Goldfish and Betta?

Vegetables are a great way to give your fish the protein and nutrients they need in their diet.feeding goldfish vegetablesGoldfish are known to love vegetables but some betta’s are know to not eat them at all.Recommended vegetables to feed your fish includePeasCucumberLettuceSpinachBaby MarrowAppleBefore giving the vegetables to your fish I recommend you first rinse the vegetable under the water to remove any dirt, then steam to soften the vegetable.

Can Goldfish Eat Betta Pellets

Okay, so it’s not like you are going to kill your Goldfish if you give it Betta food on occasion, but definitely, it is not recommended to be done very often.Replacing your Goldfish’s regular food with Betta meal can be done at most twice a week.Betta pellets have a much variant nutritional makeup than Goldfish food. Betta fish food is too high in protein to be feeding it to Goldfish very often.Use it as a one-off food replacement if you happen to run out of goldfish food, but no more than once in a week at the very most.Can Goldfish Eat Betta Pellets

Tips For Feeding Your Fish

Next I have a few tips for you to feed your goldfish and betta fish correctly. If you follow these tips you should have much heathier and happier fish.Feed At Regular Times : If you feed your fish at the same time every day it will help them to develop a routine. Do not feed them at random times when you are not busy. You might look in to getting an automatic feeder for your tank to help out with this.How Often And How Much To Feed : You should feed your fish enough food that they can eat for 5 minutes, you should feed them two times every day.Don’t Over feed Them : Left over food will reduce the water quality in your tank and can lead to diseases in your fish. They will also become overweight.

Lack Of Appetite

If you notice a lack of appetite in your goldfish or betta don’t worry as it could just be because they have just had a large meal and are not hungry.It is normal for these fish to go two or three days with out eating.If your fish has not eaten for three days try to add some live shrimp in to the tank, The fish should go mad for this treat.If they do not react to the shrimp then it could be a sign there is an issue such as a disease.


Below are the frequently asked questions on this subjectCan Any Fish Eat Betta Food?  You can feed betta food to any fish but it might not be a good long term diet for all fish. Betta food typically contains around 55 percent protein which is to much for most fish. Make sure to only feed betta food to other fish no more than two times a week.Will A Betta Fish Kill A Goldfish? Typically goldfish are much larger than betta fish so they will not be very agressive towards the goldfish. They might nip at the goldfish at feeding times and also when breading.

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The bottom line or fact is that Goldfish can eat some betta food, but not too much because the protein levels are just too high and might harm your Goldfish. At the same time, goldfish food does not nearly have enough protein to support a healthy betta fish. While each fish can eat the other’s food on very rare occasions, therefore, it’s not recommended. Both the Goldfish and betta fish should be fed food that is specific to their needs.