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Occupation: Musician/Actor Date that Birth: in march 9, 1987 Place that Birth: Columbus, Ohio, USA Marital Status: Single
In writing about Lil" Bow Wow, the an initial thing that needs to be worked out is this idiotic success each other envy rumor the the young rapper to be stripped nude and also butt raped by one of two people a bodyguard or limo driver... The didn"t happen, part sick jerk that obviously envied the success of Lil" Bow Wow thought they"d it is in funny and start dispersing that rumor throughout the web.
Hissuccess at an er where rumors prefer this space commonplace likely caused the buzz to start, especially when he obtained mainstream recognition appearing with Madonna on the 2001 Grammy awards, around the exact same time this nasty rumor started.

Born Shad Gregory Moss on march 9,1987 in Columbus, Ohio, the rapper gained off come a an extremely early start to fame. Shad"s mom Teresa Caldwell stated of her son, "It"s prefer from job one he"s constantly been ahead of anyone else. He"s never ever been a son to me. He"s constantly been favor an adult." as for his father, very small information exist on him. Shad is increased by Teresa and her husband Rodney Caldwell. His stepfather Rodney told Sister to Sister that Shad"s father biological father"s whereabouts, "I"m not also sure. He"s the end there somewhere." regarding whether the father is make the efforts to reach his effective son, the said, "No, no." Rodney has actually two kids from a vault marriage but Shad is Teresa"s just child. In spite of being a optimal rap artist as a only child, he"s kept a level head, together Caldwell says elevating him is "not hard at all," despite she claims he does have actually an attention in spending some of that money that comes rollin" in, "Probably the toughest component is not letting him store spending money and also buying diamonds. He"ll buy diamonds all day long. He likes stones."

Moss started his rapping job at the age of five, wherein he dubbed himself "Kid Gangsta". A year later on he climbed onstage during the Chronic tour and rapped therefore well the he recorded the attention of Snoop Dogg, who dubbed him earlier to his dressing room, was offered the moniker the Lil" Bow Wow, and hired as the opened act because that the tour... And to clear up another rumor, Snoop Dogg isn"t Lil" Bow Wow"s uncle. He later was collection up v a transaction on for this reason So Def/Columbia with the assist of Jermaine Dupri, that molded him together a rapper who can be a role model for young kids. Dupri claimed of his young prodigy who is one of the couple of rappers that don"t cuss in his lyrics, "These days in rap, kids don"t have actually any function models. I knew it to be time for him to come out because little girls indigenous 11 to 16 don"t have actually anybody the they can insurance claim as their own. Nobody is putting time right into making one artist because that them. I want Bow Wow to stand for a young black color superstar."

Lil Bow Wow make his record debut in 2000 with "Beware that Dog". The album produced the access time "Bounce v Me", "Puppy Love", "Ghetto Girls", and "Bow Wow (That"s my Name)". Through his 2001 initiative "Doggy Bag", the young rapper offered a shout-out back to the fans the made him one of today"s peak rappers, v the struggle "Thank You". Bow Wow"s recent hit is "Take Ya Home", a song burnin" increase MTV"s complete Request Live. The singer additionally has had several collaborations, consisting of guest appearances ~ above Snoop Dogg"s "Doggystyle," will certainly Smith"s "Wild Wild West," Jermaine Dupri"s "Big Momma"s House," Destiny"s child "Jumpin" Jumpin" remix, and also others. The kid likewise has parlayed his lab success right into film functions with an figure in "All around the Benjamins", MTV"s "Carmen: A hip Hopera", and also his latest, "Like Mike". LBW"s tv appearances incorporate "Moesha", "The Steve Harvey Show", and "Jenny Jones".

If you space wondering if Lil Bow Wow has had any type of celebrity girlfriends, the rumor that he was date 3LW"s Kiely Williams to be angrily struck down in an digital chat. LBW defined the rumor fuming, "When Kiely acquired on BET, she had to open her mouth and she said, "That"s my boo." world took that seriously, therefore she wants to know why she"s getting hated on? It"s since of that." as for even if it is he"s upset around it that said, "No. I"m not mad around it. Ns was hot when I first heard it! but that"s worn off of me." Still, that doesn"t sound also happy once asked if he was still girlfriend with any type of of 3LW he snapped, "No no no. Nope.

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No friends with them." There likewise is tiny evidence the well grounded rapper hooks increase with any type of groupies at his reflects either. Fortunately, he"s acquired a serious attitude not only around rappin", but around education as well.

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