Bow Wow took to Instagram to reflect on his surprise kiss v Tyra Banks. Picture: Getty
Bow Wow and also Tyra shocked audience members at BET's "106 & Park" earlier in July 2013 through their surprised kiss. Picture: Getty

And that seems like Bow Wow had actually still acquired the well known entertainment star ~ above his mind. "Thinking about
tyrabanks," the wrote with a crying confront emoji alongside the infamous photo.

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Soon enough, Bow's followers jumped in the comment ar to roast the rapper ~ above his thirsty antics. "Lol desperate," created one, while an additional added, "Grow up."

"Who friend tryna make jealous bow lol," doubted one follower. "Must be mad Erica pregnant and engaged Lmaoooooooooo," created another, in referral to Bow's ex-girlfriend Erica Mena.

Bow Wow post the original photo, bring away in 2013, and also claimed he was "thinking" around supermodel Tyra. Picture: Instagram

Earlier this year, the rapper was slammed for the "distasteful" comments he made towards former girlfriend Ciara throughout a society performance, wherein he referred to the 33-year-old together a "b**ch".

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"I had this b**ch first," yelled Moss when their collaboration 'Like You' played. Hoards of web users, and also artists consisting of T.I and also Nelly, condemned the rapper for his comments.

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