Mahatma Gandhi as soon as said, \"The measure of a human being is how it treats that weakest members.\" whereby does India was standing ?

I cannot say for certain it is certainly Gandhi who claimed this, however many great people have actually echoed comparable thoughts:

\"The degree of human being in a society can be judged by beginning the prisons\"

-Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The house of the Dead

\"A culture will be judged by just how it treats its weakest members.\"

-Harry S. Truman

\"A society will it is in judged on the communication of how it treats that weakest members and among the most delicate are certain the dying,\"

-Pope john Paul II

\"If one considers the observation that the worth and dignity the a civilization is judged by the method it the treats the weakest members, us cannot aid but look back in dead at our past.\"

-Rudolf Rickes, society Justice Yesterday - today - Tomorrow, A critical Reflection

\"The measure of a culture is uncovered in just how they treat their weakest and most helpless citizens.\"

-Jimmy Carter

The many marginalized teams of culture in my mind are the adhering to : the holy spirit challenged, sex-related minorities - homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders, drug addicts, alchoholics, widows, prisoners, world in politics volatile regions and enemies the the state. After ~ this set of individuals you have actually the most commonly oppressed parts of culture - women, children and also the elderly. Ultimately there is the worry of religious minority rights, a sphere where India has actually prided itself upon. There room minorities unique to Indian society such as dalits and also eunuchs.

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I will try to deal with the worries that perform not receive much coverage in mainstream media :

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Other worries like poverty have actually been spanned adequately elsewhere. A brief an introduction is the we room at the rock bottom that the people when it concerns social and also economic rankings that worry the individual.

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In closing, it appears that the health and wellness of Indian culture is quite sick. One must wonder, is this sickness the error of outsiders, or walk the invaders exploit a malady that was currently in an progressed stage ? probably it is the fate of India to be in the third world, since of such rampant social injustice.