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Honda Accord transmission fluid (vehicle, 2011, spark plugs, brakes)
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So i took mine 2011 Honda in for oil readjust yesterday and also was called I need trans fluid changed ( have around 27,000 miles). The fee was $229 v the job costing $156 =:0. Is this normal to be fee this much for this service? many thanks for inputbrit
Not surprised ever due to the fact that a Honda dealer make the efforts to fee me $80 for cabin waiting filter change.Unless they space doing a 3x3 tranny fluid adjust or a flush (which I would be wrong but I don"t think plenty of Honda certified dealer do), they space pretty much overcharging you.Try a live independence shop and it will be substantially less.To my understanding, the filter because that the tranny ~ above a Honda is a "non-serviceable" one so for a tranny liquid change, every they are doing is drain and also fill.
So ns took mine 2011 Honda in because that oil readjust yesterday and also was said I need trans fluid readjusted ( have around 27,000 miles). The fee was $229 v the job costing $156 =:0. Is this regular to be charged this lot for this service? thanks for inputbrit

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You obtained ripped off. Last time ns took my Honda Accord right into the only dealer here in Asheville, it to be for a fix for a recall ~ above the power steering cable that has to be excellent by the dealer in ~ no charge. I walked out of there with over $600 "recommended" and "immediate" attention concerns according to their "28 suggest inspection" or whatever they speak to it. None of which to be necessary. I have a fabulous exclusive garage the takes care of mine car, so ns took the paperwork to them due to the fact that I had just had actually alignment checked, oil, filters as needed, tires rotated "n balanced and so on just 2 wks before. As soon as I walked v the door, the owner experienced what I had actually in mine hand he knew precisely what he was going to see on that sheet. All of the items to be either unnecessary or had currently been taken care of by mine garage guy in prep for the spring etc. This is not the first time through this worry with the dealer either. An initial time, i reported them to Honda directly; gaining ready to do it again. Love my Honda, however avoid the dealer like the plague.