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Hi men,Wbelow is the fuel filter situated on a 2008 ford focus? does it have a cover on top/heatshield that should be rerelocated prior to accessing it?Thanks

im not sure if the 08 filter is in the very same place as the older focus, however opportunities are that it is. here is the how-to it need to get you going in the best direction at least

On the 2008 Focus the fuel filter have to be in the normal place just in front of the fuel tank. However before in 2009 they adjusted to a "life-time" filter that is component of the fuel pump. I am not certain when the build-day break-up once they adjusted deindicators. If you carry out not have a filter situated in the classic position, then suspect you have actually a late developed style wright here it is in the fuel tank as part of the fuel filter.
For the 2008 and also 2009 Ford Focus"s, the fuel filter is in its normal location. You have to depressurize the system initially before disconnecting the fuel lines. As far as I understand, it does not have any warmth shield cover. The filter is just sustained by two brackets.As for the 2010 models, I have yet to view one.

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The 2010 has a lifetime filter on/in the pump and its in the tank!I tried replacing mine about 4months ago and figured it out.Posted by means of FF Mobile
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Hi males,I have the right to confirm that the fuel filter is ideal in front of the fuel tank on my Ford Focus 2008 (PZEV version). I was about to change my fuel filter after analysis some threads on right here, yet after looking at it I just wanted to verify some things before going forward (view photos and notes below). I would certainly likewise choose to make a how-to video in the time of the process as well to assist others later on.Ford Focus 2008, Motorcraft Fuel Filter (Part # FG-1036)
^- How do I gain these 2 off?When placing the new filter ago on, perform the hoses just slide back on? Should I remove the hoses before or after I rerelocate the fuel filter bracket from the car? Thank you exceptionally much.
All the clips must be the same, you are simply seeing them from 2 various sides, Make certain you depressurize the device initially, pull the fusage for the pump and crank the automobile over to release the press.When I did mine i unhooked the bracket first so I might relocate the pump to make the first line easier to remove, I uncovered tright here was little bit play in the lines to remove them otherwise. And when you remove them lines gas will come out, so having actually it out of the bracket suggests less fooling roughly through gas spilling out. (If you"re a smoker make certain you have actually one before founding this, cause you don"t want to have actually one during).Just be certain to rearea the fusage before trying to start the car, you would not believe the number of times I"ve watched world forgain to put it ago in and also curse for the next few hours cause their car wouldn"t begin.

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