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Hey guys, i was wondering, what dimension is the best for the windshield wiper, driver 21 - passenger 18, or driver 21 - passenger 19? additionally just to note I obtained rain-x lattitude wipers v driver 21 pass.18 since it to be recommended by their website. By the way, i had gained the lattitude bout 3 mainly now and it streaks bad on my passenger side. Thx guys.
I put Rain-X Latitudes on a pair of mainly ago. I went v 19" top top the driver"s side and 17" top top the passenger"s side. No troubles with visibility and the chisels seem to press against the windshield a tiny better.
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I put Rain-X Latitudes ~ above a pair of mainly ago. I went through 19" top top the driver"s side and 17" top top the passenger"s side. No problems with visibility and the blades seem come press against the windshield a tiny better.19 and 17 sound interesting, never ever heard that set up before, ns think i would shot that. Once I examined mine a little an ext closely, the passenger wiper ~ above the bottom side seems to fold inward and also the top side outward. Its hard to explain however its streaking badly... I"m gonna try to acquire another set and see, however I"m yes, really hoping its not the wiper spring thats defective.

where"s a an excellent place come buy OEM blades?Any Mazda dealership.

I simply bought the rain-x weatherbeater from pep boys reason they"re having actually buy one gain one cost-free sale just on the rain-x. Hope these critical a small longer 보다 the crappy lattitude. I"ll write-up updates.
Yeah i had the latitudes for favor 2 weeks and it started to streak, but they work-related really good though. I currently have the OEM ones, they were pretty cheap come buy (i think 8.99 each) however i don"t choose the press points top top the wipers. Additionally they chatter a lot, I"m not certain why.. Specifically the ends of the driver side, it"s pretty stroked nerves :lol:

Yeah i had actually the latitudes for favor 2 weeks and also it began to streak, but they work really an excellent though. I currently have the OEM ones, they were pretty cheap come buy (i think 8.99 each) yet i don"t prefer the push points ~ above the wipers. Likewise they chatter a lot, I"m not certain why.. Particularly the end of the driver side, it"s pretty annoying :lol:I eliminated my crappy oem wipers within the week ns bought mine mz3. When it wipes, it leaves a strange looking trace on mine windshield that I never ever saw any new car execute before. It to be really hard to view at night once it rains.. And yea mine chatter like a bitach
Well I provided the rain-x lattitude and also that wipers sucks, so ns went and also bought the cheaper rain x weatherbeater.. It was on revenue at pep guys for to buy one obtain one free, so I acquired the thing for favor $12. It wipes good without any kind of streaks for now however only time will certainly tell... If this wiper stops working then I"m gonna shot the michelin wipers. I had actually a good set the michelins on mine murano and also lasted me about 9 month ..
Hey i dunno if this is normal but i hate exactly how it pipeline a huge spot on the left bottom whereby it doesn"t obtain wiped.

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Hey i dunno if this is normal however i hate exactly how it leaves a huge spot on the left bottom wherein it doesn"t obtain wiped. Well I had a big streaking spot too and also when i change it to rain-x lattitude the wiped amazing for favor 3 weeks then it started to have a huge streak spot on my passenger side. However I think if u get brand-new wipes then more than likely the spot whereby it doesn"t obtain wiped will certainly go away. Yet then did girlfriend abuse ur wipers by any kind of chance?
I"m spring for brand-new wiper blades, too.I"m on mine original set that came v the automobile - purchase the car new Jan 7, 2008.They"re beginning to streak. Yet I"d to speak 11 month is quite darn good.Anyways, i went on the Bosch website and also the only item that they seem come have obtainable for our auto is an oil filter? :huh Yet, I"ve read in other places on the boards that people have bought Bosch.The OEM chisels are well by me, due to the fact that they"ve it s long 11 months and also perform well, and also I just got a coupon for $9.99/blade in ~ a neighborhood Mazda dealer... Yet I"ve always loved the Bosch therefore much.
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The best blades I"ve ever tried, and also I"ve make the efforts a quite a few, seeing exactly how I"m a quite "experienced" driver (readld guy! ) is the Valeo Ultimates. They it is provided alot of OEMs, so i figured I"d give them a try. I"ve had actually them on my other car for roughly 2 year now and also they still work-related great!!(Only about 15k miles, ns don"t drive it everyday.) because that some factor has had these on a "buy one gain one free" transaction for over 2 years, i just obtained 2 more sets because that Christmas, i figured I"d replace them after ~ 2 years anyway even though they"re still going strong, and I"m gonna shot them on my 3 now also. Ns too had some negative experience through Rain-X blades, although for me the was more of a fitment issue, i couldn"t seem come get any kind of to continue to be attatched appropriately to the passenger side, the Valeo"s are an excellent in every aspect...fitment, performance, longevity, quietness, etc. At $20 a set, they"re certainly worth every penny!