Wbelow is the camshaft place sensor located on a 2.7L V6 2005 Sonata. I"ve been hunting the WWW for an answer via no success. Help! Would choose a clear diagram of where the camshaft place sensor is located on a 2.7L V6 2005 Sonata

It is hidden under fuel hoses and vacuum lines follow height radiator hose to engine under fuel line in between air cleaner box and also head. Here is a guide to help you check out what you are in for as soon as doing the task through diagrams below to present you how on your auto.

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https://www.mslsec.com/articles/camshaft-angle-sensor-replacementHere are diagrams of wright here it is in your vehicle. Check out the diagrams (Below) Please let us recognize what you uncover




Thanks. It looks like a actual pain to acquire to. Is this something a perchild like myself, who can change an O2 sensor, attempt to replace?
Yep you have the right to obtain in tbelow and also execute the job I will just take a small time. Please let us recognize if you need anything else to gain the problem fixed.Cheers, Ken
Replacing cam sensor, plug end is broken off, need to discover order of wires from optimal to bottom, 3 wires, pink, black, black/white marks, the dealership sassist 1. Ground 2. Computer3. Relay. Which shade wire fits each location?
The pink is the power source from the Engine Computer relay. One babsence wire goes to ground, and also the other one is the signal wire that goes back to the Engine Computer. Unfortunately they don"t present the connector views choose in Chrysler and also Ford manuals. Your finest bet is to visit a salvage yard and look at the connector on among their cars. You have the right to even snip it off and splice it to your wiring harness, but don"t usage butt connectors or Scotch-Lok connectors. Those do not also try to seal out moisture. Solder the splices, then seal them through heat-shrink tubing with hot-melt glue inside. Never usage electrical tape. That will unravel into a gooey mess on a warm day.
I am having great difficulty in location the adhering to component (even through the dealers). Required location of part of part numberplace camshaft CONNECTORautomobile details.004 Hyundai Sonata GoldChassis # KMHEN41BR4A927775Engine # G4JP3904846CC: 2000Right Hand Drive
I can"t also uncover a listing. How around splicing one in from a salvage yard? What"s wrong via yours? Some auto components stores market replacement terminals. I usage terminals from other sensor connectors and also simply solder them to the wires to make repairs.
The camshaft place sensor is situated on the engine near the timing belt cover and under the top radiator hose.Disaffix the negative battery cable. Disconnect the connector from the sensor.Remove the bolt that retains the sensor.Rerelocate the sensor.Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.Thanks for making use of mslsec.com. Com!
I have actually replaced the electronic camera sensor twwice and have actually tested the wires at the video camera sensor top 12v middle5v bottom ground readjusted computer and terminal ends at wiring harness to computer system have actually also checked to make certain of relations at video camera sensor what else might be resulting in this problem and additionally currently is occasionally throwing a code for the maf sensor voltage low or high
Hyundai has a technical bulletin to reprogram the PCM for this difficulty. A expedition to Hyundai for a reprogramming could be what you need, I will certainly email the PDf to you.
I"m having the exact same difficulty. I had actually a code for the o2 sensor and also the EGR valve. I cleaned out the carbon in the erg valve and made certain the diaphragm was working and also reinserted the o2 sensor. Then I acquired 3 codes p0340, and 102. I"m going the to try and rearea the video camera sensor tomorrow.
I did. I just was confused because I had actually called Hyundai"s business department to set up and appointment after analysis the replies and also defined what was going on to my auto and also the told me they did they didn"t reprogram that. So I offer it an additional swarm and also I"ll ask to soptimal with among the mechanic"s instead of the appointment desk this time. Thanks for the help
I was driving along and the engine light came on and also the auto shut off best ameans. Was analysed and sassist it was the crank sensor. Replaced that and also the timing belt too. Still no fire. Can the cam sensor be gone as well?
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