Standard Model: 161
Standard Model: 921
Long Life Model: 912LED
Standard Model: 578
Standard Model: 194
We perform our ideal to provide an extremely affordable shipping rates and to obtain your order shipped the end to friend as shortly as possible!
Our level rate because that ground shipping come the 48 contiguous states is $8.99. Because that Alaska/Hawaii, the base rate is $27.59 and surcharges may use for larger orders. For shipments to Canada, friend can include some items to your cart to recognize the shipping rate.

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Certain much longer fluorescent/LED tubes will certainly be assessed a shipping surcharge; this is to cover every one of the added shipping products that are needed to certain a safe arrival.
We usage the united States article Office and FedEx because that our shipments. The precise carrier and also service provided is calculated as soon as the bespeak is packaged for shipment. We never guarantee a certain technique for any type of order unless it is an to express order.

Most in-stock orders will certainly ship the end within 24 hours and will reach customers within about a week. For express delivery methods, every effort is made to ensure those in-stock orders room shipped the same day, detailed the bespeak was received by 1PM central Time. In some cases, the order may ship the next service day.

Orders space shipped from Minnesota, ensuring a reasonable shipping time structure to both coasts and also the locations in-between.

We email tracking number to customers when orders have shipped, detailed a precious email address is top top file.
If a delivery is missing, our Customer service team demands to be educated within 14 work of the carrier acknowledgement of shipment so a timely case can it is in filed.

For shipments exterior of the USA, we room not responsible because that damaged or missing products.

If a package is shown by transport to be ceded to the address provided by the customer, and the package is reported as missing, the responsibility falls to the customer to paper a missing package or theft claim with the carrier used.

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Much of ours shipping process is automatically - there room times once orders will ship so quickly that cancellation requests over email/phone will certainly not come in time. In these instances, the shipment will go out and our return policy will apply.
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