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i wanted to change my own fuel filter and was wondering if anyone had any tricks, tips, links, or pictures of location and techniques. i have a 2wd vibe....if anyone can help me out or point me in the right direction that would be GREAT!!!!thanks
The only fuel filter we are aware of at this time is located in the tank attached to the electric fuel pump. Access is through a panel under the rear seat (ignore the arrow and oval, it"s the black circle in the middle):


be carefulheard a news story recently about some juvenile who messed himself up when he used a lighter to look in the gas tank of a tractor to see if it was empty. Not saying you"re likely to do something similar, but ...Looks like the fuel filter is part of an assembly that includes the fuel pump, tank pressure sensor, fuel level sending unit, and maybe some more stuff. To get to it, you have to remove the assembly from the top of the gas tank, accessible under the rear seat. So, you"ll have the gas tank open. Ventilation, no source of spark, and make sure there"s no dirt that will fall in when you open it up. Also, there"s likely pressure on the fuel line, which you"ll need to disconnect, so have something handy to catch/clean up the spill. Given the location of the fuel filter on this car, it seems like Toyota didn"t anticipate that it would need to be changed often. Did you have some unusual circumstance that makes this necessary?

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Re: replacing fuel filter tips? (joatmon)

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quote:Did you have some unusual circumstance that makes this necessary?Exactly. I know for a fact that the recomended interval for changing the fuel filter on most new cars is "when it fails". These filters that are inside the tank are designed to last the life of the car, under normal conditions. Don"t mess with it unless it has failed.
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Re: replacing fuel filter tips? (Vibe Rater)

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thanks everyone....I just went to dealership and they told me that it was time to replace the fuel filter, and this was standard to do every 15,000 miles. I have a little over 20,000 miles on it now so I was just going to check if it was something I could do or if I really needed to get it replaced. It sounded simple just changing a filter. Just trying to get more info....also if the dealer is going to tell me to replace things that I don"t need replace, i.e. the fuel filter, what should I do? If anyone has some helpful links to resources or recommendations to other places besides the dealership to get my car maintanced and repaired that would be wonderful....I like to try and do it myself but don"t want to mess up my car....Again THANK YOU everyone for you help!