Where specifically is the DRL (Daytime to run Lights) Module top top the car provided above? Also, have the right to it be disabled?

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good evening.The ar is under the hood under the plastic cover for the headlight. Procedure below and photo attached.Why do you want to disable it?RoyREMOVAL: 1. Eliminate the battery floor cable.ImageZoom/Print2. Eliminate the vision shield. Twisted the clips.ImageZoom/Print3. Remove the Daytime to run Lamps (DRL) module. 1 Disconnect the electric connector. 2 remove the bolt. 3 eliminate the DRL module.



I desire to either obtain it changed or disable it since my headlights are constantly on if the vital is not off. They run while the crucial is top top accessory, and also when I have the auto in Park with the parking brake on. It does not change the brightness the the headlights when I turn them on. For this reason they are constantly running on complete dim if the an essential is no in the turn off position. Give thanks to you for your help. Is it located by the passenger side?

I dubbed my regional Ford dealer and also they called me that there to be no DRL module on a 2003 cool Marquis. Ns asked them if the LCM can be programmed come shut lock off and also they said no. I do not want my headlights to run at complete brightness all of the time, or when on accessory or parked through the parking brake on. Deserve to you call me exactly how to disable them? There need to be a cable that can be reduced somewhere.
also you can buy a DRL module because that a 2003 Crown Victoria yet nothing is noted for a 2003 Grande Marquis.
it sounds choose your auto has the automatic lamps alternative not DRL's. The DRL device uses a pulsing voltage to turn the lights on at a reduced power setup than the regular lights. Together you say there is no adjust it looks prefer you have actually the auto option.That switch should have four positions, fully counterclockwise - Auto, one click clockwise = off, 2nd click = parking lamps and finally headlamps in ~ the complete clockwise position.
Yes, the is the switch that i have. The head and also tail lights both which after dark as soon as the switch is ~ above auto, as they should. However my headlights remain on every one of the time also when it is light out and also the move is ~ above the off position (but the tail lights do not which then). The is why ns think the is a DRL problem. If I have to I will interrupt the low beam fuses v a toggle switch because I execute not want my lamp on every one of the time. Ns am hoping that there is an easier way. Any ideas? many thanks for every one of your time and effort.
good morning.The DRL can not be disabled in the light manage module. Also with the IDS tool, over there is no option.They do list DRL with this model. Yet the part is useless as well. The is if you had actually DRL system. If the module is not wherein I confirmed you, the does not have it. This concern would be around the light manage module because that the automatically light system.You can use a toggle switch for the headlamp controls yet you must make sure the circuit is protested because you will certainly be transforming from initial wiring.Can ns ask why you are so intent on disabling the lights for operation during the day?Roy
since they are constantly on at full dims. They room on as soon as I shot to start the car and also when on accessory mode. If they worked right I would certainly not want to disable them. However I want to be able to turn them off as soon as I want to. Would certainly you favor someone shining their headlights in her rear window if you were at a drive in theater or watching fireworks etc? Yes, us still have actually a drive in here, lol. If I have to I will hook up a toggle switch through fused protection off native the fuse crate inside the car, (using fuse taps turn off the left and also right low beams, in line fuses and also a dpst toggle switch on the dash. Many thanks again for her help.
Okay, thanks. On my cool Marquis, ns was maybe to turn the headlights turn off on the automatic setting by transforming the switch off two times. The disabled them.If the does not work. You can put a toggle move in the line for the beams and turn lock off when you carry out not want them lit.Roy

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This is supposed to it is in the wiring because that that auto with auto headlamps. It does present a DRL module however not like the Crown Victoria has.I wonder if the issue is not a poor lighting manage module itself. That basically supplies voltage signal from the move to rotate on the lights. It would be simple for a component to fail and also stay on, especially a safety item like lights. A dealer level scan tool deserve to talk to the LCM and also can test its functions and also check it for error codes, it deserve to generate a most them to execute with lighting and also other items as well. It would certainly not it is in the very first odd GEM fail mode.It is also feasible it is a wiring problem, The DRL module can have broken complimentary and be stuck in the rad assistance with shorted wires. Or the wiring from the irradiate switch come the LCM can be triggering that to continue to be on. Simply a couple items come consider.