mine son just purchased this vehicle. We have replaced the fuel pump, filter, the spider injectors, the MAF sensor, idle control sensor, put brand-new plugs and wires and new distributor cap and also rotor. It is only reading 40 psi idles rough and eventually stalls. What have the right to be wrong?

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Hi, The pressure is low. Have actually you checked the fuel press regulator? the is an installed on the fuel meter human body assembly. The regulator might be the cause. The will have actually an engine vacuum water tap going to it. First, remove the hose and also confirm there is no fuel in it. If over there is, change the regulator. If there isn't, reconnect the press gauge and start the engine. Disconnect the vacuum water tap from the regulator and the pressure should increase. If the doesn't, change the regulator.The an initial two pics listed below show what the regulator look at like and also location.Here room the directions because that replacement. Pic 3 correlates through the directions.______________________________________________2000 Chevy truck S10/T10 Blazer 4WD V6-4.3L VIN W Fuel press Regulator ReplacementVehicle Powertrain administration Fuel Delivery and Air Induction Fuel pressure Regulator Service and also Repair steps Fuel press Regulator ReplacementFUEL press REGULATOR REPLACEMENTFuel Meter human body AssemblyPic 3REMOVAL PROCEDURETOOL REQUIREDJ 34730-1A Fuel pressure Gauge CAUTION: describe Battery Disconnect fist In service Precautions. 1. Disconnect the an adverse battery cable. 2. Relieve the fuel mechanism pressure. Describe Fuel pressure Relief Procedure. 3. Remove the top intake manifold assembly. 4. Eliminate the fuel push regulator retainer clip (13). 5. Pull and also twist the fuel push regulator (14) in order to remove the fuel press regulator from the fuel push regulator housing using a shop towel come catch any kind of spilled fuel. 6. Eliminate the regulator seal lower O-ring (18). 7. Eliminate the regulator assembly filter (17). 8. Remove the regulator seal upper O-ring (16). 9. Eliminate the regulator seal backup ring (15).10. Cover the fuel press regulator real estate to prevent contamination from entering the fuel system.11. Discard the O-rings.INSTALLATION PROCEDURE IMPORTANT: If the fuel press regulator is to it is in reinstalled, inspect the filter display for contamination. If the filter display screen is contaminated, replace the regulator. 1. Lubricate the brand-new O-rings through clean engine oil. 2. Install the regulator seal back-up ring (15). 3. Download the regulator seal top O-ring (16). 4. Install the regulator assembly filter (17). 5. Install the regulator seal lower O-ring (18). 6. Assemble the regulator with the vacuum pipe pointing down into the regulator retainer clip. 7. Download the fuel push regulator retainer clip (13). 8. Install the upper manifold assembly. 9. Tighten the fuel filler cap.10. Connect the negative battery cable.11. Inspect for leaks. 11.1. Turn the ignition move ON for 2 seconds. 11.2. Rotate the ignition switch turn off for 10 seconds. 11.3. Revolve the ignition switch ON. 11.4. Check for fuel leaks._______________________________________One critical thought.

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Before checking the regulator, eliminate the fuel cap and also see if push increases. Permit me recognize what you discover or if you have actually other questions.Take care, Joe