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hi all,i\"m a newbie on this site...and simply bought a 98 silverado z71 3 door lengthy bed with a V8, 4wd through automatic. I\"m make the efforts to number out the towing capacity of this vehicle. I don\"t recognize if it has actually the towing package, although the looks prefer the hitch was factory installed. Can i call anything turn off the tag within the motorists door, or an additional VIN tag somewhere else? sorry if ns sound naive, however this is the an initial GM vehicle i\"ve had actually in 30 years.thanks in development for your responses,JD
Welcome come the site. I\"m not sure if friend will discover the GVW top top towing in top top the tags in the door. I do understand that I have actually an 04, and also I\"ve pulled over 6000 lbs and it to be a champ. What room you looking come haul? I\"ve likewise had my bed loaded with trees. Big Ones that made mine tires obstacle my fenders and also i\"ve obtained a lift. Add to the trailer was loaded up through wood as well. The made the trip without a problem.
Thanks for the fast response... Over there is no details on towing in the doors, unless I to let go it. I\"m looking to buy a tow dolly, or much better yet a trailer come tow my various other cars, i m sorry are everything from 5000lb Jags come 2500lb Alfa Romeos.JD
You will certainly be plenty fine. I pulled a 2000 lbs Uhaul trailer to get my vehicle which is a 3800 lbs dodge Stealth. It traction fine and I gained 14mpg v it.

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Hey Cal,I think your truck look at a lot beefier than mine. I\"m afraid of smoking cigarettes the tranny. Carry out you have the tow package?JD
I put on a recipient hitch. Plugs were already underneath it. I have actually a trailer button on my shift column for the extra umph together well.
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